SPF | Agari

As we mentioned in the first post of this series, with the arrival of ARC, one of the biggest blockers to DMARC adoption up to now has been the inability to use it with mailing lists or forwarders.

Agari has been working diligently to stop the abuse of email since its founding in 2009. By driving increased adoption of DMARC email authentication, Agari (and the industry as a whole) has made it much harder for criminals and other bad actors to forge email identity.

Before the excitement that is creating a new SPF record, there are a few steps you should take in order to organize the information you will need to be successful.

Here is your “grocery” list of information you should know about your sending outgoing mail traffic:
  • web server
  • in-office mail server (e.g., Microsoft Exchange)
  • your ISP's mail server
  • mail server of your end users' home ISP
  • any other mail server