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2020 Agenda (Updates Coming Soon)

Speaker: Armen Najarian, CMO and Chief Identity Officer, Agari
Speaker: Patrick Peterson, CEO, Agari

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has a critical mission as our nation’s leading cybersecurity agency and Assistant Director Bryan Ware will share the top priorities for 2020 and how those are changing given our current situation.

Security protocols are often built on trust -- trust which is exploited by attackers like me. From email to phone communications, attackers study how to insert themselves within your trusted circle and protocols to leverage that trust against you. This keynote will dive into the anatomy of trust exploitation in real world social engineering attacks, walk through step-by-step examples of attacks happening during COVID-19, and the steps you can take to protect your data, money, security, and privacy from real world attackers, even during a global crisis.

The topic of resiliency could not be more relevant today, and for CISOs, it's isn't just about being able to weather the storm but also being able to quickly assess the impact of new threats and communicate the condition of their company up to the Board level. Reputational risks associated with cyber incidents used to be a by-product of malign actors; today it's intentional. You'll hear about building better Board-level relationships, resiliency and new threats.

CISOs are on the frontlines of the biggest threats businesses face today. All it takes is one malicous email to slip past a legacy control, and the business could be on the front-page of the Wall Street Journal for the wrong reasons. This panel of seasoned communications experts will discuss slow-burn crises, unexpected crises, and how to plan for them and measure them. We also will learn new information from Edelman's annual Trust Barometer.

In this session you'll get a brief introduction of INTERPOL, the world largest international police organization as well as our capabilities and tools to support our 194 member countries in tackling transnational and serious crime, such as organized/emerging crime, cybercrime and terrorism. A focus of the presentation will be put on the business and support we could provide to our member countries in the area of financial and economic crime, in particular the escalating field of cyber-depending crime and digital fraud. The presentation thus will also touch on the current most pressing and prevalent crime types such as Business Email Compromise (BEC) as well as COVID-19 related fraud schemes, as well as our operational support for the aim of intercepting and disrupting illicit money flows.

Our current approach to cybersecurity has not worked. Our hyper-connected societies face escalating risk from connectivity, complexity, and criticality. And the problem is getting worse every year. To change what is happening, we must implement strategies and solutions that work at scale while addressing complexity. In this session, Phil will discuss how organizations and government agencies throughout the world can promote security by default across devices, products and services to defend the Internet.

Agari is on a quest to continuously evolve its platform to leverage and share our rich collection of identity and email attribute data from the trillions of emails analyzed annually. In this session, Ramon Peypoch, Chief Product Officer at Agari, will share his vision for opening up this data to customers and partners while harnessing insights to significantly improve our products ability to predict, stop and remediate phishing attacks.

Why is there so much talk about zero trust? What does it do and why do we need it? In this presentation Jeff provides an overview of zero trust: Its origins, how it evolved, it’s benefits, and how to get started applying it today across your workforce, workloads and workplace. He lays out the steps to take to transition from a perimeter-based security approach to a “never trust – always verify” security model that allows you to mitigate, detect and respond to risks across your environment. Verifying trust before granting access across your applications, devices and networks can help protect against identity-based and other access security risks.

A problem as complex and challenging as cybersecurity requires a multi-faceted response. You need to look at the threat from multiple vantage points, and develop a coordinated response. But no enterprise has the spare capacity it would take to bring together all these pieces. In this session, Ryan will discuss how Microsoft is working with partners throughout the security industry to help you tap into the power of diversity, without adding complexity.

Phishing via non-technical social engineering methods, such as business email compromise (BEC), has increased significantly in recent years, costing businesses more than $26 billion since 2016. One of the most effective ways to make a positive impact is by disrupting the financial supply-chain that drives these attacks. This session will review how Agari uses active defense tactics to diminish the effective lifespan of mule accounts and provide an overview of intelligence collected from research into BEC groups.

Learn from global Fortune 500 manufacturer Avery Dennison’s journey to secure their email channel. In this session, we will cover best practices in securing your email channels with DMARC, including gathering the right team, logging quick wins, avoiding pitfalls, and operationalizing change management and threat information.

How do you know that the person on the other end of that email message really is who they say they are? This session will deep dive into understanding new thinking about what identity is and explore manufactured personas, synthetic identities and plain old fraudsters. What are the new idneitty attributes to determine whether digital communications are safe.

Ransomware continues to batter organizations, state and local governments and even people at home. While it looked like it might be subsiding for a little while, it is back with a vengeance. The success of ransomware is due to the fact that organizations may not protect data they don't feel has value to anyone, but quickly find out it does have a great deal of value to them. In addition, the criminal gangs behind ransomware have started to exfiltrate data as well as encrypt it, and have released that information on the internet, resulting in a data breach for organizations that do not pay them. This session will cover some of the newer trends in ransomware, recent attack vectors and what you can do to prepare before an attack and how to recover after an attack.
  • Pat Peterson, Founder & CEO, Agari
  • Armen Najarian, CMO and Chief Identity Officer, Agari

2020 Speakers

Suzanne Spaulding
Senior Adviser, Homeland Security, International Security Program
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Bryan Ware
Assistant Director for Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Read Biography
Rachel Tobac
CEO of SocialProof Security
Read Biography
Alexander Resch
Specialized Officer in Financial Crime Unit at INTERPOL
Read Biography
Patrick Peterson
CEO and Founder, Agari
Read Biography
Kimberley Sutherland
Vice President of Fraud and Identity Strategy, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Read Biography
Jeff Reed
Senior Vice President of Security Business Group, Cisco
Read Biography
Timothy Ogden
VP of Fraud Prevention and Financial Investigations, ADP
Read Biography
Kim Albarella
Senior Director of Security Advocacy Programs at ADP
Read Biography
Lee Alman
Executive Vice President; Practice Lead, Reputation + Advisory
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Ryan McGee
Director of Marketing at Microsoft Security
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Michelle Russo
Chief Communications Officer, US Chamber of Commerce
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Philip Reiteinger
President and CEO at Global Cyber Alliance
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Crane Hassold
Senior Director of Threat Research, Agari
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Armen Najarian
CMO and Chief Identity Officer, Agari
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Ramon Peypoch
Chief Product Officer, Agari
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Celebrating Trust


The Agari Trust Awards recognize the trailblazers, the courageous, the tenured, and the up-and-coming security executives who lead teams through flawless execution of the solutions that restore trust to the inbox, every day.

CISOs and organizations in all industries are eligible for the awards.

An outside panel of judges selects the winners.

Award Categories

The company that has leveraged Agari Brand Protection to solve a problem in a creative way that led to extraordinary qualitative and quantitative returns on investment, such as increasing email open rates, restoring consumer trust in email by eliminating phishing attacks using their brand, or reducing the resources and costs for email authentication.

2020 Winner

2019 Winner

The company that has leveraged Agari Phishing Defense to solve a problem in a creative way that led to extraordinary qualitative and quantitative return on investment, such as preventing a high-profile targeted attack that, had it not been for Agari Phishing Defense, would have caused a significant data breach.

2020 Winner

2019 Winner

The company that has leveraged Agari Phishing Response to solve a problem in a creative way that led or is leading to extraordinary qualitative and quantitative return on investment by reducing SOC analyst time to remediate alerts.

2020 Winner
Vecellio Group

2019 Winner
Vecellio Group

The Secure Email Cloud category celebrates visionary companies who are making the future a reality today. These are the companies that understand email security is at a crucial stage in not only the evolution but the transformation of the email security ecosystem. They are leveraging two or more Agari solutions, adopting new capabilities while shedding legacy approaches, and leaving the past behind to embrace the next-generation Secure Email Cloud.

2020 Winner
UnitedHealth Group

2019 Winner
Fortune 500 healthcare company


The CISO who has contributed to the success of Agari through product adoption at multiple companies, shared information about Agari to peers, participated in analyst relations on our behalf, and/or participated on the Agari content committee.

2020 Winner
Michael Machado (RingCentral)

2019 Co-Winners
Jim Routh (MassMutual) and Irwan Tjan (Nordstrom)


A CISO who has held the role for four or less years, and who during this time period, has made significant contributions to his or her organization or the email security ecosystem by speaking at industry events or participating in peer-to-peer learning exchanges.

2020 Winner
Mark Hodges (Xillinx)


A CISO who has faced daunting security challenges that may or may not have been made public. In the midst of these challenges, this CISO mustered extreme courage to lead his/her team and company through the situation.

2020 Winner
Irwan Tjan (Nordstrom)