Connecting Security to Revenue

Real-Life Successes Protecting Customer-facing Email

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CISOs constantly hear that they need to align more closely with their business, but this advice is both obvious and too vague to be helpful. In this webinar, guest speaker Chris McClean, Forrester VP and Research Director, explains practical ways security leaders can demonstrate how they can help strengthen brand trust, reduce reputation risk, and increase revenue. He also presents the results of custom ROI research that shows how several heads of security found success for their organization by securing their email channel and protecting their customers from email-based phishing attacks and fraud.

Ryan Boyd, Head of Global Email and Deliverability from Groupon, also answers questions about how they were able to protect their customers from phishing, while increasing the effectiveness of their email communications with customers.

View the webinar to learn:

  • Business risks associated to email
  • Measured financial results from 4 email security  implementations
  • Applications to your organization


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Meet the Speakers

Chris McClean

VP, Research Director, Forrester Research, Inc

Seth Knox

VP, Marketing , Agari, Inc

What Our Customers Are Saying

quote With the adoption of Agari, we are enhancing our employees overall trust level in their email, taking the safety and security of our members, clients and employees to the next level.

CISO, Leading Healthcare Provider

quote We’re making the organization more efficient, we’re reducing risk to our customers, and we’re getting a lift in terms of where we’re spending money on email marketing campaigns.

CRO, Fortune 50 Global Financial Institution