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Email Identity Deception, Defined and Quantified

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 | 9am PT | 12pm ET | 5pm GMT | 6pm CET

Email identity deception has evolved over the last ten years, with phishing attacks progressing from blindly aimed, poorly written emails to targeted attacks aimed at gaining access to enterprise AWS credentials, stealing trade secrets and siphoning millions of dollars. Similarly, 419 scams have evolved, with Business Email Compromise (including attacks on infrastructure, such as Swift) now presenting the number one threat to enterprises and government.

In this webinar, we will discuss the types of identity deceptions attackers typically prefer, and use quantitative data to take a deep dive into the cost of attacks and the likelihood of their success. We will also look at experimental data that shows what types of email deception people typically do (and don’t) understand. For example, many people are easily tricked by an email where the display name has the format of a subject line and the subject line looks like an email address – which easily circumvents all today’s filters.

Based on insights into how people assess identity, we believe that the current approach of using email filters that focus purely on malicious attachments, URLs with low reputation and identifying email volume spikes is flawed. Similarly, focusing on  training users is not going to address sophisticated attacks.  These methods must be replaced by data-driven approaches mindful of end-user psychology. With this in mind, we will review a range of technology-based tools that can help determine and guide end-user understanding of email sender identities, to help prevent these types of sophisticated email scams from ever reaching our inboxes.  

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Markus Jakobsson

Chief Scientist, Agari

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