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Protection Against Phishing Attacks

Email attacks can evolve rapidly to slip past even the most advanced email security controls and can even weaponize after passing initial security screening.

To combat these advanced attacks, industry leaders agree that people, process, and technology need to come together to provide the best defense possible. That’s why Agari has partnered with KnowBe4.

By combining our industry leading phishing defense and remediation solutions with the industry leader in phishing simulation and training, we are delivering a unified defense that improves resilience to latent threats in the inbox.

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Combine detection, remediation, and training for a better layered defense.

Most experts agree that a layered approach to security provides the best defense. Too often security vendors interpret this as one technology stacked on top of another.

At Agari, we believe cyber security training is an important part to fight phishing attacks, and we’ve partnered with KnowBe4 to make their industry-leading phishing simulation and training even better.

Agari solutions detect email attacks that evade legacy defenses. Our continuous detection and response technology provides process workflow to help clear the inbox of latent threats that evaded initial detection. With security awareness training by KnowBe4 we are able to provide a unified approach to email security that encompasses not just technology, but the people who use it and the processes they need to defend against even the most advanced email attacks.

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Organizations are under persistent threat by deceptive email messages with attackers using innovations such as post-delivery activation to slip past security controls. Defenses need to evolve quickly to keep pace.

With each email it analyzes, Agari Phishing Defense™ (APD) discovers and learns to detect new threats. It inspects each incoming message and each employee-to-employee email to prevent attacks from spreading laterally.

Agari Continuous Detection and Response technology goes one step further. It uses a global cyber intelligence sharing network and multiple threat intelligence feeds to automatically identify and prioritize latent threats sitting in user inboxes. It then enables the Security team to quickly remove them with a few clicks.

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Phishing attacks evolve rapidly – user training needs to keep pace. Otherwise, employees are more likely to be fooled and unwittingly engage with attackers. Or, on the flip side they can flag messages too aggressively and flood the SOC team with false positives.

Incorporating the very latest intelligence from newly discovered threats is critical to delivering training that is realistic and effective. These real-world examples help employees hone their cyber security skills over time.

The integration of  Agari and KnowBe4 products creates a closed-loop approach that reduces time from detection to simulation and training. It acquaints employees with threats from around the globe even before the organization gets targeted. This keeps you and your organization one step ahead of the cyber criminals.

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Agari research indicates that on average 60% of employee-reported phishing incidents are false positives. But the real problem is that it can take over 7 hours to investigate each one.

This represents a significant waste of valuable time for SOC analysts who must investigate reported phishing incidents that pose little no threat to the organization. Unfortunately, buried in the spam, gray mail and nuisance email dangerous threats can lurk undetected.

Agari Agari Phishing Response™ (APR) prioritizes reported incidents, elevating the most suspicious to the top of the list. It then automates investigative, triage and remediation workflows to reduce time-to-containment.

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