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Stop Targeted Attacks. Prevent Phishing.

Imagine a world without cybercrime

Why Businesses Choose Agari

Reduce Risk

Eliminate the cybersecurity risk responsible for 95% of security breaches: targeted email attacks

Stop Identity Deception

Build trust in your brand and digital communications by protecting customers, partners and employees from digital deception

Advance Digital Business

Accelerate your digital transformation by securing your Office 365 or G-Suite with cloud-native protection

Stop Cybercrime, Build Trust in Government

Learn how to meet the Department of Homeland Security’s BOD 18-01 and implement DMARC to protect citizens from cyber threat.

An Unbeatable Combination

Protect your Office 365 users from spear phishing, ransomware and advanced cyberattacks that evade Secure Email Gateways

How Agari Protects You From Cyber Criminals

The World Has Changed

Learn why targeted attacks get through your existing defenses and how to turn the tables on attackers

Insight Into Phishing Trends

12.48 T
Emails Protected

18.8 K
Domains Protected

360.92 B
Phishing Emails Blocked