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Product Packs

Agari product packs are priced by number of mailboxes or email message volume. All products are available as standalone or within product packs.

NEW Comprehensive Anti-Phishing Product Pack Offering: 

Customer Phishing Protection from Agari & PhishLabs

Brand Protection 3rd Party Email Senders


Prevent, detect, and disrupt phishing attacks with Agari and PhishLabs.

The Customer Phishing Protection product pack integrates best-of-breed solutions to stop domain spoofing, detect phishing campaigns, and mitigate the infrastructure threat actors rely on. With Agari and PhishLabs, you can protect against customer phishing attacks end-to-end while reducing complexity and overhead.


Agari Product Packs

A1 Product Pack

Complete inbound and outbound protection for employees, customers, and business partners along with support for the SOC team in remediating phishing incidents. Includes: Agari Phishing Defense, Agari Phishing Response, and Agari Brand Protection

A2 Product Pack

The A2 product pack  provides employees comprehensive protection against inbound phishing and business email compromise attacks and assists the SOC team in remediating phishing incidents. Includes: Agari Phishing Defense and Agari Phishing Response



A1 Product Pack
A2 Product Pack

Agari Phishing Defense

Stop Identity Based Phishing Attacks
Detects and defends-against socially engineered identity deception based email attacks.
Account Takeover Attack Prevention
Detects and defends-against attacks from external compromised email accounts that are the root of vendor email compromise.
Insider Impersonation Protection
Detects and defends-against lateral attacks originating from compromised employee email accounts.
Continuous Detection and Response
Continuously scans inboxes for latent threats and removes them once identified.
Agari Business Email Compromise Feed
Unique, human curated BEC threat feed sourced from world renowned experts in the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division.
API-Driven, Frictionless Deployment Model
Supports Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, MS Exchange on-premises and hybrid messaging architectures.

Agari Phishing Response

Remediate Employee Reported Phishing Incidents
Agari Phishing Response increases security operations center efficiency by enabling analysts to focus on the most dangerous email threats.
Incident Management Workflow (ID, Classify, Prioritize, Research, Respond)
End-to-end automated phishing playbook integrated with Microsoft Office 365 to handle employee phishing reports.
Integrated Forensic Investigation and Analysis Tools
A range of integrated forensic tools for quick research and speedy resolution including: Lastline, Cisco Talos, and DomainTools.
Automated Threat Message Removal from Microsoft Office 365 Inboxes
New threats can be deleted from all affected inboxes with a few clicks.
Continuous Detection and Response
Continuously scans inboxes for latent threats and removes them once identified.
Certified Integration to ServiceNow Security Incident Response (SIR)
Delivers a single pane of glass to track security incidents, including phishing attacks, from analysis to recovery.

Agari Brand Protection

Protect Your Brand from Domain Spoofing
Quickly and confidently secure domains using DMARC.
Automated Sender Discovery and Inventory Management
Identify and manage sender domains and unknown IP addresses using your brand to email your customers.
Hosted DMARC, SPF, and DKIM Records
Error free email delivery for authenticated senders, new domains, and new senders.
Workflow Driven SPF, DKIM, DMARC Record Creation and Configuration
Automates the process to build SPF/DKIM/DMARC records, simplifying and accelerating the implementation of DMARC.
Takedown Vendor Integration Support
Sends malicious URLs and domains to your takedown vendor to shut them down.

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