Secure Microsoft 365 with Fortra Advanced Email Security

Accelerate your move to the cloud by protecting against advanced email attacks.

The benefits of moving to Microsoft 365—easily communicating and collaborating inside and outside of the organization while working anywhere from any device at any time—are well known. However, along with the convenience of a highly available and easily accessible environment comes an increased security risk. While M365 provides security to stop spam, known viruses, or malware, it does not provide protection against today’s modern, sophisticated identity-based attacks.

The Identity Deception Gap

Advanced attacks continue to be a leading way attackers bypass existing secure email gateways and other security protections. To stop these attacks, a new model focused on determining sender trust and message authenticity is required.

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) Works Best For: 

  • Stopping spam attacks
  • Stopping well-known viruses and malware
  • Managing unwanted or unsolicited bulk email such as newsletters or marketing campaigns
  • Managing email routing or quarantine policies to keep the inbox organized

Agari Fortifies EOP By: 

  • Enforcing and managing email authentication policies such as DMARC, SPF and DKIM
  • Keeping employees safe by stopping today's sophisticated identity-based attacks
  • Reducing security operational load by providing visibility and confirmation that attacks have been prevented
  • Extending protection to trusted partners with insights into which senders have been compromised

Detecting Deception with Machine Learning

Fortra Advanced Email Security leverages its core Identity Graph engine, an advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning system that ingests data telemetry from more than two trillion emails per year to model email sender and recipient identity characteristics, behavioral norms, and personal, organizational, and industry-level relationships to detect sophisticated identity deception attacks.


Fortra's Cloud Email Protection is the most granular business email compromise solution I have seen.
- Email Security Administrator, Fortune 1000 Organization 

Prepare for the Most Dangerous Threats

As Microsoft adds anti-phishing and anti-spoofing protection, both centered around BEC, cybercriminals are shifting tactics. Compromised accounts are quickly becoming the preferred method of attack, with cybercriminals launching attacks from legitimate accounts within an organization. Anti-phishing and anti-spoofing will not detect this type of attack because the email originates from a previously-established credible account, where deception is not needed. In contrast, Agari has built this behavioral model directly into the Fortra Identity Graph engine, making it possible to detect and prevent account takeover-based email attacks, in addition to other advanced threats.

Remove Latent Threats, Even After Delivery

Agari Continuous Detection and Response technology brings together Fortra's Cloud Email Protection and Suspicious Email Analysis to automatically remove latent email threats and provide visibility into the attack blast radius. By leveraging technology that can take threat intelligence sourced from the world’s top SOC teams and global intel feeds to search for indicators of compromise in employee inboxes, our singular email security solution can remove them in order to prevent or mitigate data breaches.

Seamless Integration with No Added Operational Burden

Fortra's Cloud Email Protection deploys hidden behind EOP, so attackers have no indication as to how M365 is protected, and integrates via Graph API to ensure zero delivery delays. Integration with Azure Active Directory and M365 Mailbox APIs empowers security personnel to enforce prevention, regardless of organizational changes.




As you move to Microsoft 365, secure your email with the next generation of advanced threat protection for email. Fortra Advanced Email Security solutions leverage global telemetry sources, unique algorithms, and a real-time scoring pipeline to continuously model email sending and receiving behaviors across the Internet.

Fortra Advanced Email Security secures M365 by:

  • Integrates seamlessly via journaling to scrutinize every message considered clean by Exchange Online Protection.
  • Subjects each message to multiple phases of identity, behavioral, and trust modeling to expose the true identity and trustworthiness of the message.
  • Empowers security teams to customize policies for high risk executives leveraging Azure Active Directory while enforcing protections via O365 mailbox APIs.
  • Fortifies Exchange Online Protection with AI-driven URL analysis and attachment analysis to stop credential phishing and advanced email threats.

Fortra Advanced Email Security stops threats, including:

  • Business Email Compromise
  • Account Takeover Attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Spear Phishing
  • And more!

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