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Email Phishing Scam Continues to Target College Students

According to a public service announcement issued by the FBI, college students across the United States continue to be targeted in a common email phishing scam that lures students in with the promise of employment. It works like this: email Scammers advertise phony job opportunities on college employment websites or students receive emails on their student […]

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Shoring Up DKIM Signatures with DCRUP

In this final post of the DMARC series we’ll discuss the latest crypto updates to DKIM known as the DKIM Crypto Update (DCRUP) to strengthen DKIM.   Picking the Lock While DKIM has been around for many years as one of the foundations of DMARC, weaknesses in the security of its signatures have limited its […]

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The Arrival of ARC

As we mentioned in the first post of this series, with the arrival of ARC, one of the biggest blockers to DMARC adoption up to now has been the inability to use it with mailing lists or forwarders. This limitation existed because messages delivered through 3rd party handlers would not pass DKIM or SPF (or […]

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DMARC Email Authentication: The Last Mile

Email Trust

Agari has been working diligently to stop the abuse of email since its founding in 2009. By driving increased adoption of DMARC email authentication, Agari (and the industry as a whole) has made it much harder for criminals and other bad actors to forge email identity. DMARC has been a key part of this success […]

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Just Published – Email Fraud and DMARC Adoption Trends Report

We recently teamed up with Farsight Security to analyze data on the current state of email security, email fraud and DMARC adoption. Our inaugural “Email Fraud and DMARC Adoption Trends Report” summarizes the state of email authentication across industries from the second half of 2017. This is the only DMARC focused report that incorporates data from […]

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