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Insights and Opinions From the Agari Team

Why are my Google Calendar Invites Blocked by DMARC?

Are you sending Google Calendar invites and not getting replies, or maybe your invitees tell you they tried to reply and it was blocked? Or maybe you are trying reply to Google Calendar invites and being blocked saying the mail is not accepted due to your domain’s DMARC policy? This is an issue I have […]

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Real Estate Email Scams – Don’t Get Tricked!

Every year, more than 5 million homes are bought and sold in the U.S. Given this volume, it should come as no surprise that the real estate industry is a prime target for email-based crimes. Cyber criminals are spoofing (and in some cases taking over) the email accounts of real estate agents, title companies, and […]

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Productivity & Security with Office 365 + Agari

Companies are flocking to Office 365 as the leading choice of cloud-based email. But while it’s a great productivity enhancer and provides simplicity and cost savings over on-premises solutions, it raises serious security challenges. Threat actors typically target email accounts with identity deception.  And with Office 365 being ubiquitous and publicly-discoverable, the risks become even […]

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Russian Spear Phishing Threatens U.S. Voting Systems, Neutralizes Second-Factor Authentication

spear phishing

About 15 years ago, cryptographers began to worry that electronic voting technology could expose society to great political risks, including altering election outcomes or suppressing voting. Yesterday, a leak published by The Intercept showed that the feared scenario may have come to fruition. Compounding the danger, the attackers also neutralized the second-factor authentication that many […]

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Agari named as UK Government G-Cloud supplier to the public sector

We are delighted to announce that Agari is among the suppliers listed on the UK Government’s G-Cloud 9 framework. Agari will now be able to provide its award-winning DMARC Email Authentication service, Agari Customer Protect, to UK public sector organisations through the Government’s secure online store, the Digital Marketplace. Agari Customer Protect is listed in […]

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Agari Offers Email Attack Protection for UK, German & Norwegian Elections

Nation-state sponsored attacks on political parties during elections is now the norm, as highlighted by attacks on the En Marche! party in the French Presidential elections and the attacks on the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and nearly all Democrats in the House of Representatives in the lead up to […]

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