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Agari was founded by the thought leaders behind Cisco’s IronPort solution and co-founders of the DMARC standard for email authentication. Using predictive AI informed by global intelligence from around 2 trillion emails annually, we protect organizations against phishing, business email compromise (BEC) scams and other advanced email threats.

Email remains the most common channel for threat actors to infiltrate businesses and gain access to sensitive data and IP. Recognizing that our cloud solutions offer the gold-standard in protection against email-based cybercrime, HelpSystems acquired Agari to enhance its data security portfolio. HelpSystems works with customers to harden security across all aspects of the IT environment. The addition of Agari means that its customers can confidently trust their email inboxes, safe in the knowledge their valuable data is well protected.

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Agari Timeline


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Beginning Agari
Agari partners with PayPal, Yahoo!, and Google on a pilot project, testing the program that became the DMARC open standard and paving the way for standard email authentication.
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Hitting the Market
The first customers purchase the Agari software, gaining unprecedented visibility into their email security infrastructure.
Joining Early Adopters
JPMorgan Chase, PayPal, Facebook, Netflix, and LinkedIn jump aboard to eliminate malicious email attacks within global email ecosystems.
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Raising Series B Funding
Agari closes a Series B financing round and quickly begins scaling the business.
Finding Initial Success
Finding early success, Agari is honored as the Security Project of the Year and wins the ISE Northeast.
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Joining the Big Dogs
Agari assists the FBI in the highly publicized Citadel botnet takedown and is honored to receive the JPMorgan Chase Hall of Innovation Award.
Moving Onward and Upward
Revenue grows to 300% and Agari brings new executives on board, doubling the size of the team and moving into larger offices.
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Expanding Globally
After securing Series C financing, Agari opens an office in the United Kingdom and launches the Agari Partner Network, rapidly expanding throughout the world.
Earning Kudos
Agari continues to make an impression in the cybersecurity space, winning the AlwaysOn Global 250 award and being recognized with the highly sought-after Gartner Cool Vendor Award.
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Increasing the Customer Base
The company grows quickly, expanding its customer base internationally and within the federal government and Fortune 1000.
Growing Online Trust
Agari is included as a member of the 2015 Online Trust Honor Roll by the Online Trust Alliance, showcasing best practices in brand and consumer protection, security, and privacy.
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Welcoming Norwest Venture Partners
Additional funding is raised through a Series D round and Agari welcomes Norwest Venture Partners to the Board of Directors.
Launching a New Product
Agari expands it focus and introduces Advanced Threat Protection to protect employees from inbound threats like business email compromise and spear phishing.
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Helping with BOD 18-01
A government directive gives federal organizations one year to adopt DMARC and Agari helps bring government agencies into compliance.
Researching Prominently Attacked Industries
Agari research into healthcare organizations shows that the industry is especially vulnerable, with 57% of email “from” the healthcare industry being fraudulent.
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Entering a New Age of Security
Agari secures Series E funding with $40m in growth capital from an investor group led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity.
Accelerating Business Momentum
Agari closes 2018 with explosive 234% customer growth, announces Secure Email Cloud architecture, and launches Agari Cyber Intelligence Division.
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Continuing a History of Innovation
Agari unveils Continuous Detection and Response technology, insider impersonation protection, launches global SOC Network.
Celebrating Success
Agari marks 10 years of industry leadership, discovers new Vendor Email Compromise attack type that forces CISOs to rethink defenses.
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Developing the Best Email Security Available
Agari partners with KnowBe4 to transform phishing protection with integrated phishing defense, cyber security training and simulation solution.


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A New Home for Agari

Agari is acquired by HelpSystems, a global cybersecurity and IT automation company helping organizations Build a Better IT.


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