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Protecting Digital Communications

There are more than four billion inboxes in the world. Millions of users send and receive hundreds of billions of messages every single day. And cybercriminals are taking advantage—turning what should be trusted communications into a place where they can steal sensitive data and generate profit.

At Agari, we take a stand against these cybercriminals with a bold mission: we protect digital communications to ensure humanity prevails over evil.

Agari uses predictive AI to model identity at Internet scale and prevent the next zero-day attack. By focusing on sender identity and behavior versus the attack type itself, Agari models the good to protect you from the bad, ensuring that no threat—new or existing—hits your inbox.

We believe that email should be safe. We believe that email should be secure. We believe that you should have the confidence to open, click, and trust everything in your inbox.

Predictive Data Science

Unique AI with over 300m daily machine learning model updates understands the good to protect you from the bad

Powerful Network Effect

Global intelligence powered by trillions of global email messages provide deep insights into behaviors and relationships

Trusted Expertise

Years of experience defining the email security standards that have been adopted by Global 2000 companies


Would you like the confidence to trust everything in your inbox?