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Our Story

Advanced email attacks target a major security vulnerability that legacy email security controls do not address. Agari gives employees, customers, and partners the confidence to trust their inbox.

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At Agari, we know a bit about email. We analyze about 2 trillion of them each year. Trillions of email messages flowing through our network to and from organizations worldwide who have taken a stand to secure their email channel from organized cybercrime. With each new organization and email, our solutions powered by predictive AI get smarter, understanding the identities, behaviors and trust relationships behind the email. We do this to understand the good ... and protect you from the bad. So users can open, click and trust everything in their inbox.

Predictive Data Science

Unique AI with over 300m daily machine learning model updates understands the good to protect you from the bad

The Network Effect

Global intelligence powered by trillions of global email messages provide deep insights into behaviors and relationships

Trusted Expertise

Years of experience defining the email security standards that have been adopted by Global 2000 companies


Would you like the confidence to trust everything in your inbox?