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Email is not trusted. Still, it remains the primary channel for enterprise communication to consumers.

Previous attempts to secure this important channel have failed to solve the fundamental flaw of email–anyone can send an email using someone else’s domain.

This flaw provides an open invitation for cyber criminals to use the email channel of the world’s most trusted brands to send spam and phishing emails. Even worse, these cyber attacks can inflict direct losses to their customers, while damaging brand equity that has taken years to build.

DMARC––which stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance”––is an open standard enabled on 70% of the world’s inboxes and by the most security-focused brands. It is the only solution that enables Internet-scale email protection to prevent fraudulent use of legitimate brands for email cyber attacks.

Many of the world’s most respected brand–including Facebook, JPMorgan Chase and PayPal–have adopted DMARC to protect their customers and their brand.

Companies adopt DMARC to:

  • Gain visibility into their email channel to determine the legitimate and fraudulent use of their domains
  • Stop brand & email abuse, decreasing reputational risk and preserving brand loyalty through email
  • Ensure legitimate email is delivered, while fraudulent email is not
  • Receive alerts when changes to email infrastructure may impact the delivery of legitimate messages
  • Identify sources and forms of threats so that companies are equipped to proactively prevent attacks

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