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2014 Security Predictions – Will your company be safe from cybercrime?

Patrick Peterson December 16, 2013 Email Security
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Every year, companies either succeed or fail in their level of security. We’ve talked about certain strategies businesses can use to be more secure, but now we want to elaborate on the types of companies and people who will need these strategies the most.

Below, Agari CEO, Patrick Peterson, offers some security predictions for the upcoming year.

Health care records will be an easy target for cybercriminals –
We can’t issue a good prognosis for health care and the industry will increasingly be an easy target in 2014. We’ve already seen the industry skyrocket in online fraud, ranking in the  2013 Q3 TrustIndex research report as the second riskiest sector to do business with as a consumer. Continued press and controversy will continue the upward trend of abuse in the second largest sector of our economy.

Mobile malware will be rare –
Mobile malware – yaawwwnnn. Is there mobile malware? Yes. Is it exceedingly rare and will stay that way in 2014? Yes. While we are seeing specialized attacks on mobile devices for high value targets, this remains a rare use case.

High level executives could be targets –
Executives are a big target and that’s not going to change – there are many Marissa Mayers out there (i.e. Yahoo’s Mayer gives phones passcodes a pass) that will continue to be their own worst enemy in terms of security. Because executives won’t sacrifice productivity for security, enterprises have to buck-up and protect employees from cybercriminal activity like spear phishing.

Cybercriminals will be brought to justice –
The good news is cybercriminals are increasingly being caught. Coming off of noteworthy success by law enforcement in the US, we will see a number of foreign criminals associated with nasty malware and botnets like Citadel be sentenced to long prison terms.

In 2014, cyberattacks will continue to be a detrimental problem and companies need to be proactive in their email security to ensure the safety of their company and their customers.

Agari will continue to help companies fight cybercrime and safeguard clients’ email, removing malicious attacks – for good. Make sure your company’s emails are safe to open so you can protect your customers and your brand.


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