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Phishing the Friendly Skies

Agari July 2, 2013 Cybercrime
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While flying may be the safest way to travel, there are increased risks when it comes to making travel arrangements. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the summer travel season and targeting airlines in phishing scams to defraud customers.

The latest incident occurred earlier this month. Victims received an email purportedly from American Airlines that contained a bogus itinerary. The email, looking strikingly similar to an actual AA confirmation, contained several links directing users to another site. The aim was to draw the unsuspecting victims, suddenly faced with what looked like a legitimate trip booked without their consent, to those sites and obtain personal information. You can see the actual phishing email here.

American Airlines was quick to respond, denying they were responsible for the email and warned consumers not to open it, click on any of the links or give any personal information.

While the repercussions of this particular attack are still unknown to consumers, they have already been felt by American Airlines. AA has had to respond publicly to the phishing scam and this potential distrust in the company ultimately hurts AA’s bottom line.

This is a prime example of the types of phishing scams Agari is helping clients eliminate. Our solution not only protects consumers from phishing scams, but also protects brands from the fallout that occurs when a phishing attack occurs.

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