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Transforming Email Security: Building a Strategic Plan to Guide CISOs

Patrick Peterson June 26, 2015 Email Security
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Thoughts on Agari’s webinar with Forrester Research and Aetna

The data is clear, compelling and overwhelming: the role of the CISO is evolving, and fast. CISOs today must find innovative ways to align with the business and strategize security as a top business asset – and those that ascend in their role will have the opportunity to play a bigger, more influential and durable role in the years to come. That was the clear takeaway from this week’s webinar, “Transforming Email Security: Building a strategic plan to guide CISOs on their transformational journey”.

As the featured presenters, Forrester Vice President and Research Director Chris McClean and Aetna Chief Security Officer Jim Routh both noted, nearly every company today is faced with cyber risk and security must be top of mind. Additionally, improving customers’ experiences is paramount for companies today, and the near constant stream of cyberattacks is hurting brands and interfering with the customer experience.

Routh made a compelling case for the need for CISOs to align with the business and help solve business problems. Routh uncovered the customer experience was a high priority at Aetna and found an innovative way for a security project to help solve this problem. By embracing Agari, Aetna improved customer experience and trust by ensuring cybercrime syndicates could not send any malicious emails leveraging Aetna’s brand name. The impact of enhanced trust in the digital channel was huge – a 10% lift in campaign efficiency as measured by click-through rate. Routh said the role of the CISO is changing and evolving, noting that he has dedicated time to update Aetna’s board members on the transformation of enterprise cyber security to a business need. I couldn’t agree more with this approach.

In working with Agari to secure Aetna’s email channel, Routh said Aetna was able to achieve a “trifecta” result: reducing risk to the consumer, cutting operating expenses to the company and additionally improving revenue. And with Agari, the only emails being delivered leveraging Aetna’s brand, are the ones being sent by Aetna.

For CISOs, securing the email channel encapsulates the challenges facing them today. While the title of CISO may well be around in 2018, the traditional CISO role is dwindling in enterprises today, Routh and McClean noted. For CISOs to get C-level buy-in, the most successful route is to lead with the business value of deploying an enterprise-wide security program, whether it’s securing the email channel or something else. Speak in the language of business and not in the speeds and feeds technical language with which CISOs are typically most comfortable.

At Agari, we believe your brand and your reputation should be under your control and we’re here to help. We’ve already helped some of the world’s biggest brands secure their email channels, enhancing the trust their customers place in them. Our security world and the role of the CISO are changing rapidly. Let Agari help you as you continue your transformational journey to becoming a strategic CISO.

Click here to hear the full story from Aetna and Forrester.


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