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Automating the Process of DMARC Email Authentication

Agari automates phishing prevention, securing email more effectively than all other vendors combined. Unlike other vendors who lack automation features, Agari’s Easy SPFTM, Hosted SPF, and Email Cloud Intelligence enable companies to organize and secure 3rd party senders quickly and accurately without risking email deliverability.


Email Cloud Intelligence (ECI)

Email Cloud Intelligence (ECI)

Enables businesses to automatically identify and authorize legitimate email senders, protecting customers from those that are malicious.



Automates the process of building SPF records, simplifying and accelerating the implementation of DMARC.

Look-Alike Domain Defense

Look-Alike Domain Defense

Uses real time feeds to identify malicious domains impersonating your brand for remediation by your takedown vendor.

You May Be Losing Control of Your Email Identity

Lock out phishers

Understanding email senders that make up your organizations’ trusted online identity has never been more complex. Services like Salesforce of Marketo are sending email on your behalf. Shadow IT users are setting up authorized email servers. It’s crucial to know when unauthorized email is sent as your brand – or when legitimate email is getting blocked.