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Take the GCA Challenge and Eliminate Email as a Channel for Cyber Crime

3 Steps and 90 Days to DMARC

As the Global Cybersecurity Alliance (GCA) continues to unite private and public organizations to protect all from cybersecurity threat – they’ve kicked off a new challenge.

Starting December 1st, the GCA challenges organizations to implement DMARC in 90 days. The more organizations that implement DMARC, the better security for the entire email ecosystem.

DMARC is the simple, trusted solution that brings together email authentication protocols, and adds reporting and compliance. In just a few easy steps, you can set up DMARC today to protect your organization from email fraud.

Step 1: Take the GCA DMARC Pledge

Step 2: Read the Getting Started with DMARC Guide 

Step 3: Publish your DMARC Record for Free

Free Trial for GCA Members

Agari protects the inboxes of the world’s largest organizations from the #1 cyber security threat of advanced email attacks, including phishing and business email compromise.

Take advantage of the special offer for GCA members with an Agari free trial through February 28, 2018 to gain immediate visibility into your email channel. We will kick off your free trial with a complimentary and personalized email threat assessment, help you generate your DMARC records and get you underway with your journey to DMARC reject.


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