Healthcare Cybersecurity Infographic

Lessons learned from the global WannaCry cyber-attack led to increases in investment, governance and significant improvements to the UK healthcare sector’s cybersecurity. Two and a half years on, we surveyed senior IT decision makers working in the industry to find out the current cybersecurity state-of-play and identity the risks that present the greatest threats.

The following infographic illustrates the survey’s key findings and highlights the cybersecurity challenges faced by healthcare organizations today.

Key stats include: 

UK Health Sector Cybersecurity Incidents

  • 67% of healthcare organizations suffered a cybersecurity incident in the last 12 months
    • 48% from viruses or malware from third-party devices, including IOT devices and USB sticks
    • 39% from employees sharing information with unauthorized recipients
    • 37% from users not following protocol/data protection policies
    • 28% from clicks on malicious links in emails and social media

Cybersecurity Budgets

  • 24% of respondents agree that cybersecurity budgets were at an adequate level

Where Do Healthcare Organizations Focus Their Cybersecurity Investment?


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