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Agari Continuous Detection and Response technology allows organizations to easily prevent or mitigate data breaches from previously unknown attacks by removing malicious emails from user inboxes.


Prevent data breaches by stopping 99.9% of all advanced email attacks in real-time with Agari Advanced Threat Protection™.

Eliminate latent threats by removing malicious emails, even after they have been delivered to user inboxes.

Simplify threat hunting and instantly discover all email attacks matching newly discovered indicators of compromise across all inboxes.

Automate threat remediation and take action around the clock with real-time threat protection.

The Agari Advantage

The only technology on the market with the ability to remove latent threats from the inbox that have already bypassed existing email security systems.

An always-on approach to addressing both known and previously unknown email threats within the enterprise.

The Agari SOC Network™ is the only cyber intelligence-sharing network that provides human-vetted threat intelligence from the world’s top security operations centers.

Easy access to a mobile application allows users to receive push notifications to review and delete malicious messages around the clock.

While the email security solutions currently on the market are designed to catch malicious emails before they reach user inboxes, no solution discovers every single malicious email 100% of the time. There is an ever-increasing number of new attacks, and cybercriminals are getting smarter—to the point where they can weaponize URLs once the email has been delivered.

As new sources of threat intelligence or new social engineering attacks are discovered from SOC analyst investigation, post-delivery detection and remediation is essential. Without it, criminals can exploit the gap in email security to avoid detection, leading to data breaches and financial loss.

Remove Emails Even After Delivery

Where other solutions allow known threats to sit in employee inboxes, Agari Continuous Detection and Response can dynamically re-score each message by applying new threat intelligence to analyze messages that have already been delivered—as if you were going back in time to the original delivery moment. The technology then removes those potentially malicious messages from inboxes to eliminate potential data breaches caused by these latent threats.

Information required to complete this review comes from the Agari SOC NetworkTM, a cyber intelligence sharing network comprised of Agari customer SOC teams, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division, and best-of-breed threat intelligence feeds. As new advanced email threats are detected and confirmed, the Agari SOC Network automatically analyzes the indicators of compromise across all previously delivered email for all customers in seconds and automatically removes active threats in all affected inboxes.

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