Since 2017, Agari has been tracking and gathering intelligence on a Nigeria-based crime ring we’ve named Scarlet Widow.

This cybercrime organization has amassed a targeting database of more than 30,000 employees at more than 13,000 organizations in 12 countries – breaking hearts and emptying bank accounts along the way.

Viewers of this webinar will learn:

  • Who Scarlet Widow is and how they evolved into a significant BEC threat
  • How and why the BEC threat landscape is shifting
  • How Scarlet Widow identifies and collects their targets through commercial services and online directories
  • How BEC groups launder stolen gift cards through online cryptocurrency exchanges

Understanding how romance scams are part of a much larger criminal ecosystem is key for enterprises! Download the webinar on demand.

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Crane Hassold

Crane Hassold

Senior Director, Threat Research

Crane Hassold is the Sr. Director of Threat Research at Agari, where he leads an intelligence team responsible for researching enterprise-focused phishing threats. Prior to moving to the private sector in 2015, Crane served as an Analyst at the FBI for more than 11 years, providing strategic and tactical analytical support to cyber, financial crime, and violent crime cases.