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LONDON – December 4, 2018 – Agari, the next-generation Secure Email Cloud that restores trust to the inbox, has introduced the Secure Email Cloud today during Black Hat Europe. The Secure Email Cloud is a next-generation email security solution that detects, defends against, and deters phishing and identity deception attacks. As businesses and governments accelerate the transition to cloud messaging, two simultaneous forces have rendered secure email gateways (SEGs) incompatible: cloud email service providers have commoditized the security functionality of SEGs and advanced email attacks have evolved to evade detection by SEGs.

“During the past two years, the majority of organizations have ‘crossed the chasm’ and migrated to cloud email—more than 50 percent of businesses have now adopted Office 365 or Exchange Online,” reports Michael Osterman, President Osterman Research. “As organizations embrace this cloud migration, they are in turn looking for other cloud-native solutions to take advantage of cloud scalability and economics.”

Cloud email service providers have consolidated the functionality of legacy security solutions, such as SEGs and advanced threat protection (ATP). Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite have commoditized features such as anti-spam and anti-virus into their service offerings. Legacy email security solutions were developed for on-premises environments and are predicated on content and payload inspection—a faulty security model that advanced attacks evade through sophisticated identity deception techniques.

“Legacy security solutions are only able to stop incidents they have seen before, which is a huge risk for zero-day attacks,” said Rama Sekhar, Partner at Norwest Venture Partners. “Agari is enabling enterprises to close the gap on phishing and BEC attacks that other solutions cannot detect.”

Agari eliminates unauthenticated email, implements protection against advanced email threats, and automates incident response to protect your business from breaches, fraud and theft. The Secure Email Cloud also includes capabilities found in legacy SEGs, including URL analysis and attachment analysis.  Based on customer implementations to date, in a cloud-first world Agari plus Office 365 or Google Suite delivers a complete email security solution.

Serving as the foundation of the Secure Email Cloud is the Agari Identity Graph™, a data science layer that leverages machine learning and predictive AI generated from more than two trillion emails per year. The Agari Identity Graph uses artificial intelligence to create millions of models of trustworthy communication and expected good behavior, which are updated daily. Deviations from these models are detected and identified as suspicious or potentially malicious for further investigation.

The Secure Email Cloud delivers next-generation advanced email security including:

  • Agari Phishing Defense™—Behavioral anomaly detection that stops zero-day attacks.
  • Agari Phishing Response™—Automated post-delivery remediation that instantly removes threats that make it to inboxes.
  • Agari Brand Protection™—DMARC-based email authentication that ensures trusted communications.
  • Agari BEC Automated Deception System™—Automated active defense techniques that deters criminals from attacking your business.

“Agari is on a bold mission to protect digital communications so that humanity prevails over evil,” said Ravi Khatod, CEO, Agari. “The Secure Email Cloud gives your employees, customers, and partners the confidence to open, click and trust everything in their inbox—this is the next generation of email security for the modern, cloud-first organization.”

The Secure Email Cloud is available now. To learn more:

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Agari is transforming the legacy Secure Email Gateway with its next-generation Secure Email Cloud™ powered by predictive AI. Leveraging data science and real-time intelligence from trillions of emails, the Agari Identity Graph™ detects, defends, and deters costly advanced email attacks including business email compromise, spear phishing and account takeover. Winner of the 2018 Best Email Security Solution by SC Magazine, Agari restores trust to the inbox for government agencies, businesses, and consumers worldwide. Learn more at

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