Phishing and BEC attacks represent a significant, ongoing threat to business. It’s critical to understand the strategies and tactics targeting your organization and defend against the ever-present risks, along with the potential financial liabilities that comes with them.

Why Agari

Phishing is a Game of Cat and Mouse

Cybercriminals utilize digital reconnaissance and evolving social engineering techniques to stay one step ahead of your defenses to launch sophisticated attacks targeting your employees. Building internal expertise to engage with these email threat actors is expensive, time-consuming, and challenging to operationalize.


Actionable Threat Intel

Agari Active Defense™ BEC Threat Intelligence service gives your team the tailored, high-value insights you need to understand threats, optimize defenses, and reduce risk.

Using active engagement capabilities, the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division (ACID) uncovers and disarms criminals’ tactics and techniques. The result: highly-focused, actionable intel about specific BEC threats targeting your organization.

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Cosmic Lynx Threat Dossier: The Rise of Russian BEC
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Understand Threats

Gain deep insight into your threat landscape with specific intel about impersonation and BEC attacks targeting your organization.

Optimize Defenses

Get the situational awareness you need to make the right security decisions every time.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate exposure by shutting down the methods, such as mule accounts, used by those attacking your business.

The Agari Advantage

Leading security teams count on Agari Active Defense BEC Threat Intelligence for deep insight into email threats so they can continually improve email defenses and reduce risk.

H2 2020 Email Fraud & Identity Deception Trends Report
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Traditional email controls are ineffective against the sophisticated social engineering tactics employed by the threat actors who have made BEC such a pressing danger. Industry leaders count on Agari innovations and market-leading phishing defense solutions to solve these identity-deception attacks.

Our unique expertise and unmatched visibility into the BEC attack chain is why enterprise security and fraud prevention teams rely on the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division to deliver insights they just can’t get anywhere else. The Agari Active Defense BEC Threat Intelligence service directly engages with cybercriminals attacking your organization, delivering one-of-a-kind insights to keep your organization safe.

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White Paper
Silent Starling Threat Dossier: BEC to VEC
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Security teams need to share information across departments, but it can be challenging to efficiently collect and organize threat intelligence.

The Agari Active Defense BEC Threat Intelligence service delivers tailored reports that provide your team with the insights they need to understand threats, optimize defenses, and reduce risk.

The data and insights in each report reflect the unique characteristics and specific attacks targeting your organization. Key elements include:

  • Executive overview and summary of analytical findings
  • Insight into the types of BEC attacks targeting your employees
  • Information about the most targeted and most impersonated employees
  • Intelligence about threat actors behind BEC attacks
  • Details on mule accounts used in BEC attacks
  • Full samples of active defense engagements conducted by the ACID team
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White Paper
Scattered Canary Threat Dossier
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Despite training and all other attempts to stop them, phishing and BEC attacks continue to be successful for a reason: the business environment surrounding us all is constantly changing. Cybercriminals know just about any “ordinary day” presents opportunities to trick employees with a new twist that dovetails neatly into the routine.

Agari Active Defense BEC Threat Intelligence service will help your team understand the specific threats your organization faces, develop a proactive defense, and reduce the risk and liability of financial loss.

Our extensive expertise in email security is supported by machine learning and advanced technology that collects threat intelligence at scale. This active engagement with threat actors targeting your business uncovers actionable insights and visibility no other threat intelligence solution can provide.

London Blue Report
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White Paper
London Blue Report
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As with any adversary, stopping phishing and BEC attacks gets easier when you learn-about and understand the strategies and tactics being used.

Armed with the BEC Threat Intelligence delivered by Agari Active Defense you can:

  • Better understand your business’ unique BEC threat landscape
  • Adjust policies to better protect your organization
  • Understand which of your employees are the primary targets
  • Gain visibility into the full BEC attack cycle
  • Collect actionable intelligence about BEC threat actors targeting your organization
  • Understand how adversaries exploit compromised email accounts
  • Supplement security awareness training and red team initiatives
  • Keep executive leaders and stakeholders informed about specific risks posed by BEC attacks
  • Validate your organization’s BEC risk exposure against industry peers
How and Why COVID-19 is Being Used for BEC and Phishing ...
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Many phishing and BEC attacks originate not from lone actors, but from organized cyber crime rings that operate in a fashion similar to many b2b companies with formal lead capture, nurturing and quota-carrying revenue roles. Other criminal entities band together with partners to locate vulnerabilities, breach defenses, exfiltrate data and then monetize it on the dark web.

Agari Active Defense BEC Threat Intelligence service represents an ongoing, strategic relationship between security analysts in the Agari Cyber Intelligence Division and your organization’s security, fraud prevention, and risk management teams. The service is designed to complement Agari Phishing Defense™, Agari Phishing Response™, and Agari Brand Protection™ deployments.

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Take a close look at the BEC Threat Intelligence service to discover how Agari Active Defense™ delivers actionable Intelligence and tailored insights your security team can’t get anywhere else.


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