Many organizations receive tens of thousands of phishing incident reports per year. Agari research indicates 60% of employee-reported phish are false positives.

Why Agari

SOC Time is Valuable

These false positives represent a significant waste of valuable time for SOC analysts who must investigate reported phishing incidents that pose minimal risk to the organization. Unfortunately, buried in the spam, graymail, and nuisance email, dangerous threats lurk undetected.


Automate Phishing Incident Response

Agari Phishing Response prioritizes reported incidents, automating investigative analysis and triage, to elevate the most suspicious to the top of the list. Then, it reduces manual efforts with remediation workflows to accelerate time-to-containment.

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The Agari Advantage

Agari Phishing Response is the only turnkey solution purpose built for Microsoft Office 365 to automate the process of phishing response, remediation, and breach containment.

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Phishing and other email-based attacks account for up to 94% of breaches, with cybercriminals exfiltrating data mere hours after gaining access. Cyber awareness training can help employees identify phish emails, but up to 60% of employee-reported phishing incidents can be false positives.

Agari Phishing Response performs an automatic risk assessment for each reported phish email by analyzing URLs, attachments, and sender forensics with out-of-the box tools.

SOC analysts can then evaluate and react to incidents in priority order, addressing the most severe threats first and then progressing to lower priority issues, such as spam and graymail.

Agari Phishing Response™
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Phishing attacks on one employee are often recycled with different subject lines and from-senders tailored to the target. It’s not uncommon for dozens or even hundreds of employees to be targeted with variations of the same basic attack.

Without tools to streamline the process and help identify affected inboxes, the SOC team can easily become overwhelmed, giving threat actors the time they need to exfiltrate data and perpetrate fraud.

Impact analysis automatically identifies all employees affected by the same malicious email message or variants. Advanced algorithms accurately evaluate the scope and potential impact of phishing attacks, enabling security teams to understand and quickly remediate the threats, reducing risk and the financial impact to the organization.

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Traditional email security controls rely on blocking cyberattacks at a single point in time when email is delivered. But some threats weaponize post-delivery, after they’ve made it to the inbox.

Agari Phishing Response can remove malicious messages from inboxes, eliminating threats that evaded initial detection and lie in wait to trick unsuspecting employees.

As new advanced email threats are detected and confirmed, the Agari SOC Network automatically analyzes previously delivered email messages based on newly discovered indicators of compromise, and then automatically removes active threats from all affected inboxes.

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When a phishing or BEC attack reaches the inbox, every minute that it remains undetected increases the likelihood of data breach, compromised accounts, financial losses, and more.

By streamlining reporting and response times, Agari Phishing Response contains phishing attacks in minutes instead of months.

Agari Phishing Response automates employee reporting and then provides an end-to-end automated phishing playbook that automates triage, forensic analysis, and remediation. It provides off-the-shelf integration with Microsoft Office 365, service management ticketing (e.g., ServiceNow), event management (SIEM), and orchestration tools (SOAR) to facilitate a truly integrated response.


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