Fortune 200 Mining Company Implements DMARC Standards

Listen to Vaughn Hazen, Chief Information Security Officer, speak about his experience working with Agari.



My name is Vaughn Hazen. I'm the Chief Information Security Officer for a Fortune 200 global mining organization. Like most organizations, we get a constant barrage of phishing attempts, and they range from credential harvesting to trying to persuade people to take some sort of action, and malware droppers in between. It's really, I guess, one of the focus areas that the attackers are using, so it's a key vector that we're trying to address. With email, we're concerned about a couple of different things. On the inbound side, we're concerned about people who are impersonating our executives, trying to get our employees to take action. We're concerned about mail that's going out impersonating our domain or our executives. Both of those issues came into play as we looked at Agari. They helped us out with making sense of the DMARC information that we got back in the reports.

We implemented ourselves initially, and what we found is that email reports that came back were just too difficult to make sense of, and Agari took all those, organized them, put them into easy-to-read reports, and allowed us to get some summary information and actually take action out of them. On the side of the inbound executive impersonation, Agari's been able to block any messages that are not actually coming from our executives, but are using the names of our executives in those inbound messages. It's solved a lot of calls to the SOC for us.

What we saw after we implemented Agari is that all of the messages where they've used the display name of one of our executives, regardless of the actual source of the email, those were blocked and it was a pretty simple technology to implement. It was easy to work with our messaging team to get that done, and it's been very effective. Like everyone else, we go ahead and use security awareness training to try to drive down the susceptibility of our employees to phishing attacks. We also do phishing testing to validate that we're being effective, and we've been able to make significant impacts in reducing that, but there's still enough of a concern with the number of people that are still clicking that we wanted to have something beyond just the training and awareness, to make sure that we really are protecting our employees.

What makes Agari unique is that it's really focused on the key areas of information security around phishing and email attacks, and it looks at both the outgoing and inbound with the DMARC Protection, and also the inbound protections that you have for messages coming into your organization. And it's so easy to implement, so I would absolutely recommend Agari to the folks that I know who are looking to protect against these issues.

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