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Drive ROI and brand recognition through your email marketing

Email is one of the highest performing marketing channels, but it is under attack by brand impostors using your domain to send phishing attacks. Consumers distressed by these emails initiate feedback loops by tagging the email as spam, blocking future emails, and tarnishing your domain reputation.

This can negatively impact deliverability rates, cutting into the revenue generated from the email channel. Furthermore, consumers lose trust in your brand’s communications, making them pause before they engage and further weakening reputation. In a nightmare scenario, a successful attack permanently shakes consumer confidence as news spreads across the Internet.

Automated Protection Against the Scams That Target Your Consumers

Agari automates the process of email authentication in order to preserve brand equity, increase email engagement rates, and prevent brand impersonation-based phishing attacks from ever reaching your consumers.


With Agari DMARC Protection, you take control of your email sending domain. SPF and DKIM authentication provide a strong signal to ISPs that the email is legitimate and should be delivered to the inbox. Fully-hosted DMARC authentication instructs receiving email inboxes to reject all inbound messages that fail authentication to help you protect your brand. And support for the emerging Brand Indicators for Message Impressions (BIMI) standard places your approved logo in consumer inboxes, increasing brand recognition and demonstrating to consumers with every email message that your organization takes their online safety seriously.

Actionable Insight Into Your Email Ecosystem



For many organizations, cloud-based email services such as Salesforce, Marketo, or Mailchimp represent the majority of emails sent to consumers and partners. Often, organizations may not even know all the cloud service providers sending email on their behalf. Agari automatically identifies, monitors, and manages emails being sent by third-party email senders, making authentication easy—no matter where the email originates.

This enables businesses to easily identify and authorize legitimate email communications, block malicious emails from cybercriminals, and ensure that only the marketing email communications you authorize hit your consumers’ inboxes.

Brand Logos in Every Inbox Provide Millions of Impressions



With the emerging Brand Indicators for Messaging Identification (BIMI) standard, Agari DMARC Protection empowers marketing teams to place their verified logo in every consumer inbox, providing an opportunity to put your brand in front of consumers for free. By implementing this simple standard through Agari DMARC Protection, your organization can increase consumer confidence in the authenticity of messages, thereby increasing response rates and magnifying the power and reach of marketing efforts.

Put an End to Consumer Phishing Attacks

Agari allows marketers to secure their email sending domains, ensuring that consumers and business partners never receive a fake email from your legitimate domain. Forrester Consulting recently interviewed customers of Agari DMARC Protection to examine the ROI and additional benefits received after deployment. The organizations all have leading brands that are frequently targeted by criminals disseminating phishing emails. The results speak for themselves.



Agari helps prevent illegitimate email from reaching your consumers’ inboxes, thereby increasing email deliverability, boosting conversion rates, and building brand equity.

Featured Products
  • Agari DMARC Protection protects brands from being used in phishing attacks against consumers, avoiding fraud costs and improving email marketing effectiveness.
  • Boost revenue through increased conversion rates, a result of increased consumer trust in your brand.
  • Increase consumer trust and protect brand equity by ensuring your brand stays out of the data breach news.
  • Expand brand impressions by using the BIMI standard to place your verified logo in inboxes.
The Fortra Advantage

Agari authentication leverages an industry standard protocol known as DMARC and provides options to implement BIMI.

  • Fully-hosted DMARC deployment protects your brand by instructing receiving email inboxes to reject all inbound messages that fail DMARC authentication.
  • 3rd-party sender intelligence gives you control of the emails sent on your brand’s behalf while blocking email-based brand impersonation attacks from ever reaching your consumers.
  • Brand indicators enable you to insert a trusted logo in recipient inboxes to provide visual assurance of email authenticity while reinforcing your brand identity with every new email.

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