Agari Webinar Featuring Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of Agari Phishing Defense

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Agari concluded that Agari Phishing Defense delivered a 97% ROI through a customer interview and analysis using its Total Economic Impact (TEI) framework. You can read that study here. View this webinar with guest speaker Jonathan Lipsitz of Forrester to see how Agari Phishing Defense provided the following 3-year financial impact:

  • $270.3K from increased email security
  • $519.5K savings from faster deployment
  • $230.8K from avoided threat program costs

Agari Phishing Defense can increase your email security and lower total cost of ownership. You will learn how:

  • Agari Phishing Defense delivered results one-third faster than other solutions
  • The organization reduced deployment costs by 59%
  • Achieved a total financial benefit of $1.02 Million




How Much ROI Could You See?