Introduction to Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection Platform

Advanced email threats continue to be a stark reality for enterprises. Even with Secure Email Gateways in place, deceptive attacks like BEC, targeted social engineering ploys, and spear phishing attempts can still get into user inboxes. In this video, Fortra’s Advanced Email Security experts discuss how Fortra’s Cloud Email Protection, a new integrated cloud email security platform, delivers multi-faceted defense against advanced email threats, including::

  • How AI-powered data science applies ML models, LLMs, and neural networks stop unknown threats
  • How malicious indicators collected from user inboxes worldwide stop emerging threats
  • How threat data mined across millions of user inboxes & countermeasures developed help glean novel attack patterns
  • How analysis and automated feedback to users on reported suspicious emails increases user reporting
  • How the Cloud Email Protection platform is scalable and eradicates threats throughout the enterprise environment