What is a Data Breach?





A data breach occurs anytime somebody has unauthorized access to data. In a corporate sense, this can be anytime that an employee internally is able to access data that they do not have permission for, or more specifically, when somebody outside of the organization is able to gain access inside the organization by using compromised credentials or some type of persistence on an endpoint device within the organization's perimeter.

The overwhelming majority of data breaches, 96%, based on some studies, occur on the email channel after an employee has clicked on a malicious link or attachment, or has interacted with the sender of the email when that sender has tricked them through social engineering techniques to believe that they are corresponding with somebody who they are not. So Agari keeps all forms of malicious emails out of the inboxes of employees or out of the inboxes of a company's customers if they are being sent out into the world.

We believe that if the emails can never reach the inbox of the employee to begin with, then there is no chance of them clicking on them or interacting with them completely eliminating the possibility of a data breach on the email channel.