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Emails Reported as Malicious Reach Four-Quarter High in Q3

The volume of malicious emails reported in corporate inboxes has reached a four-quarter high, according to the latest data from Fortra's PhishLabs.

What is Whaling Phishing & How Does it Work?

“Whaling” phishing fraud attacks target the C-suite of a company which creates high risk of extremely sensitive, mission-critical data being stolen and exposed. Fortunately, protecting the organization from these attacks is possible. Whaling phishing is a type of phishing attack targeting larger, high-value targets, which is why it's called "Whaling." Attackers themselves often pretend to be C...
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Email Security Best Practices: How to Protect Against Advanced Threats

Unfortunately, the bad news about data breaches, cybersecurity scams, and email attacks is constant and the numbers are more staggering with each year. Learn which steps to take NOW to protect your organization’s email ecosystem, such as collecting threat intelligence, mitigating against brand impersonation, and training your employees on security awareness, all while maintaining compliance. That...
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Forbes: 8 Ways To Keep Your Social Security Number Safe From Identity Theft

It’s difficult to control your Social Security number in the wild. In his September contribution to Forbes Advisor, John Wilson discusses the most common scams involving Social Security numbers and provides 8 steps individuals can take to prevent identity fraud. Originally published in Forbes Advisor: “For too many of us, our SSNs are already in the hands of miscreants, along with our other...

How to Run Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Here's how to run a simulated phishing campaign to test and train your employees before they receive an actual phishing email. What is a Phishing Campaign? To be clear, when we say “phishing campaign,” we’re not referring to malicious, black-hat phishing campaigns. A simulated phishing campaign is part of an internal training program to raise employee awareness about real-world phishing attacks...
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The Last Watchdog: The Drivers Behind Persistent Ransomware and Defensive Tactics to Deploy

In his guest essay for The Last Watchdog, Eric George, Director of Solutions Engineering at PhishLabs by, explains what ransomware is, who the high-stake threat actors are, and how organizations can defend themselves against ransomware attacks. Originally published in The Last Watchdog “Ransomware usually starts with a phishing email. An unsuspecting employee will open a legitimate-looking message...

Hybrid Vishing. It's Such A Thing.

In this podcast, John Wilson, senior fellow for threat research at, discusses how vishing, a tactic used to gain PII information from people through phone messages is - like its success - on the rise. Gain insight into this devious scam and the best defense against it.
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Top Mistakes You Could be Making in Email Security

Email threats are constant and remain a highly sought-after opportunity for data theft. Oftentimes organizations research email best practices and incorporate an email security solution that’s best for their needs and budget. While following best practices is essential for email security success, it’s also important to understand the top email security mistakes and whether your organization is a...

Office 365 + DMARC: Best Practices for Protecting Your Company & Customers From Phishing Attacks

In 2021, Gartner includes DMARC, or known by its full name as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance, in its list of top 10 security projects. With very few exceptions, the best way for organizations to prevent getting impersonated in email attacks is to integrate DMARC into their Office 365-based email ecosystems.To understand why, let’s consider the benefits of deploying...

Protecting Remote Employees from Phishing and BEC Attacks

Email is even more crucial as a collaboration tool while we are all working from home and taking other precautions to stay safe and healthy. Hackers, cybercriminals, and other bad actors are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for their own personal gain, and it’s your job to ensure your workforce is protected from harm. How do you enable the productivity of your now remote workforce, while...

Forrester Webinar: Risk of Third-Party Impersonation & BEC Scams

Ever since the first spam email message, we have been at war with cyber criminals, who seek to subvert our email communications. We are experiencing an online arms race: As anti-spam solutions improve, criminals find ways around these defenses. Business Email Compromise (BEC) is an area where the criminals have the upper hand against traditional Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). According to Agari’s...

Understanding the Specific BEC and Phishing Attacks Targeting Your Organization

In this webinar, enterprise email security expert Brent Sleeper shares a quick demonstration of the Agari Active Defense BEC Threat Intelligence service. Learn how security teams gain actionable intelligence by engaging threat actors behind the BEC and phishing attacks targeting your organization. You’ll gain valuable insights, such as: The power of understanding the full attack cycle in...

Protect Employees Against BEC Attacks with Agari Phishing Defense™

In this webinar, enterprise email and security expert Art Chavez demonstrates how Agari Phishing Defense™ protects employees against phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks that easily bypass existing security controls such as secure email gateways, URL rewriting processes, and impostor classifiers. You’ll discover valuable insights, and learn how to: Keep your employees safe by...

What is Ransomware?

Transcript Ransomware really is continuing to be that go-to attack for attackers, and it's really one of the most effective ways that they have to extort businesses and compromise user data. How does ransomware work? Well, typically, it's delivered via infected email attachments or via compromised websites or contact management systems. Here at Agari, we actually think that the best way to...

What is Business Email Compromise?

Transcript I recently read a press release from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that reported more than $12 billion in financial fraud losses from a vector they call business email compromise. Here at Agari, we think of business email compromise as any attack which claims to be someone you know and trust, and is attempting some kind of theft. The most classic example is a criminal figures out...