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Phishing: With Zero-Day Email Attacks Rising, Are Some Companies Giving Up the Fight?

Amid a troubling rise in zero-day phishing attacks, recent research suggests that some companies may be making an ill-advised shift away from blocking advanced email threats to responding to them post-delivery. If true, the capitulation couldn't come at a worse time. Since January, cybercriminals taking advantage of the COVID-19 outbreak have been targeting businesses and individuals with an...

Agari Identity Graph

Transcript The Agari Identity Graph is the AI-powering Agari Suite of advanced email security solutions, protecting your inbox from costly and damaging phishing schemes, account takeovers, and business email compromise attacks. The Graph leverages machine learning and makes over 300 million model updates each day, analyzing tens of billions of emails flo wing through the Secure Email Cloud. The...

Why are my Google Calendar Invites Blocked by DMARC?

Are you sending Google Calendar invites and not getting replies, or maybe your invitees tell you they tried to reply and it was blocked? Or maybe you are trying reply to Google Calendar invites and being blocked saying the mail is not accepted due to your domain's DMARC policy?This is an issue I have been seeing, so I did some digging and I have figured out what is going on. Before I get to the...