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Gartner® Report: Is Microsoft's Email Security Capability Good Enough?

Native email security capabilities from Microsoft 365 can only go so far in an environment where cyberattacks are everchanging. This means organizations need to evaluate if one email security solution is enough for data protection, brand protection, and stringent compliance regulations. In this report, Gartner evaluates the following questions: Is Microsoft email security enough? What are...

QBot Campaigns Overwhelmingly Lead Reported Payloads in Q4

QBot was the most reported payload targeting employee inboxes in Q4, according to Fortra’s PhishLabs. This is the fourth consecutive month QBot has led malware activity as bad actors target organizations with a steady stream of high-volume attack campaigns. QBot previously represented the second most reported payload family, trailing behind RedLine Stealer in Q3. Email payloads remain the primary...

Advanced Information Security Features for Microsoft Office 365

In the last few years, Microsoft 365 (M365) has eclipsed all other cloud providers to emerge as the most widely used enterprise cloud service and the latest survey data shows that adoption of M365 is still increasing. It is not just impressive in its adoption rates, Microsoft has also been incremental evolving business technology; organizations now rely on cloud technology to function. However...

What Is an Enterprise’s Secondary Line of Defense Against Phishing Emails?

Following a multi-layered approach to phishing defense is a good idea, but using what you have close to home is best when it comes to a sensible security posture. In practice, a robust security awareness training program is key to instruct employees on what to look for when trying to spot phishing emails that may have landed in their inboxes.
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IT Security Wire: Cybersecurity in 2023: Top Three Predictions

In this IT Security Wire article, cybersecurity experts Eric George and Tom Gorup, Vice President of Security Operations at Fortra’s Alert Logic, share their 2023 cybersecurity predictions. Originally published in IT Security Wire "PaaS (phishing-as-a-service) platforms simplify the creation and execution of credential theft phishing attacks which target the customers or employees of enterprise...

Fortra Advanced Email Security Solutions

Enterprises need comprehensive protection that spans the entire lifecycle of threats from the staging of email-borne threats outside your organization to active threats landing in the inbox. Fortra’s Advanced Email Security solutions do just this and can help you solve your toughest email security challenges.

How to Recognize and Respond to Emerging Social Media Cybersecurity Threats

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. YouTube. Pinterest. Mastodon. The list goes on. Whether you love or loathe social media, these platforms have become integral to how we communicate as individuals and businesses. Cybercriminals have also taken note, embracing these communication channels wholeheartedly to reach vast audiences quickly, anonymously, and cheaply, successfully defrauding targets...

A Window on Email Security

This white paper takes an expansive look at the hidden threats lurking around email inboxes, and how layered email security with a clear understanding of goals can keep your organization better protected.

Holiday Season Triggers Rise in Counterfeit Activity

Counterfeit activity increases every year during the pre-holiday shopping blitz -- most notably Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and Hanukkah. Arm yourself with defenses now to combat ever-evolving counterfeiting methods during peak retail shopping season.
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How to Protect Against Advanced Email Threats

Unfortunately, the bad news about data breaches, cybersecurity scams, and email attacks is constant and the numbers are more staggering with each year. Learn which steps to take now to protect your organization’s email ecosystem, such as collecting threat intelligence, mitigating against brand impersonation, and training your employees on security awareness, all while maintaining compliance.

Financials & Card Data Top Q3 Targets on the Dark Web

In Q3, credit unions nearly overtook national banks as the top targeted industry on the Dark Web, according to recent data from Fortra’s PhishLabs.

Emails Reported as Malicious Reach Four-Quarter High in Q3

The volume of malicious emails reported in corporate inboxes has reached a four-quarter high, according to the latest data from Fortra's PhishLabs.

DKIM vs. SPF Email Standards: Do I Need Them Both?

When it comes to email authentication standards, should you use DKIM, SPF, or both? We’re going to cover these terms, when you should use them, what they do—and how best to protect your email domains. Is it Either/Or—or Both? Should the battle really be SPF vs. DKIM? While not mandatory, it’s highly recommended to use both SPF and DKIM to protect your email domains from spoofing attacks and fraud...

What is a DMARC Policy?: The 3 Types & Which to Use

In this post, we’ll briefly explain what a DMARC policy is, how to set up your DMARC email record, what the three types of DMARC policies are and when to implement each one, and how to diagnose and fix any issues associated with it. Basically, your DMARC policy tells email receivers what to do with illegitimate or possibly fraudulent emails—whether to reject, quarantine, or accept them. Overall...

What Is the Meaning of the SPF Email Standard and How Does It Work?

We're going to delve into what the meaning of SPF for email is, how to implement it, the benefits of deploying it, and how to further protect your email-sending domains. What is SPF for Email? Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email authentication standard that domain owners use to specify the email servers they send email from, making it harder for fraudsters to spoof sender information. SPF...