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Cracking The Code On DKIM

[caption id="attachment_3331" align="aligncenter" width="655"] Mathematician Zach Harris, 35, of Jupiter, Fl., poses for a portrait on Tuesday. Photo: Brynn Anderson/Wired[/caption]As you may have seen, either via the US-CERT alert or the story in Wired Magazine , a configuration error in DKIM signing implementations was publicized the week of October 22, 2012.This is NOT a weakness in the DKIM...

DMARC - A Tectonic Shift In Email

The world of email changed forever when fifteen companies–including Agari, Google, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft, PayPal, Facebook, LinkedIn and American Greetings–publicly announced This working group has focused on putting the kibosh on domain phishing and brand hijacking. The new specification describes a scalable method for Email Senders and Receivers to work together to directly check the...

Email Giants Move to Slash 'Phishing'

Email-service providers Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and AOL Inc. are backing a new effort intended to dramatically reduce "phishing" emails—which attempt to trick recipients into thinking they come from a legitimate source.The companies—along with others such as financial-service companies Bank of America Corp., FMR LLC's Fidelity Investments and eBay Inc.'s PayPal—are hoping to...