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Email Security for Microsoft 365

Protect against advanced email threats with Fortra's Agari + Microsoft 365



The Challenge

Many Microsoft 365 customers eliminate the secure email gateway and add Exchange Online Protection and Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection to stop spam, malware, and viruses.

But this still leaves organizations vulnerable to sophisticated email attacks, including business email compromise and spear phishing, both of which rely on identity deception.

These organizations need a layer of defense that is easy to implement and cost-effective.

The Agari Solution

Agari adds identity-based defenses and complements the existing security controls within Microsoft 365.

In fact, two-thirds of Agari customers who deploy Microsoft 365 with Agari Phishing Defense do so without a secure email gateway.

This new approach is delivered in the cloud via an API so it’s not inline, and it blocks identity deception attacks to deliver better security, reduced costs, and improved business agility.

Fortra's Agari Advantage

Increases Your Security Posture

Agari fortifies Microsoft 365 by stopping:

  • Business email compromise and spear phishing attacks
  • Low-volume, highly targeted attacks using identity deception methods
  • Socially engineered attacks with no malicious content
  • Spam attacks missed by Exchange Online Protection

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Integrates Easily with Office 365

Agari offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions with an off-the-shelf connectivity to Microsoft 365.

Combined together, Agari and Microsoft 365 provide a single integrated platform for detection, prevention, and remediation of all types of email threats.

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Turnkey Solution for Incident Response

For that small percentage of emails that evade all security controls, Agari Phishing Response provides automated work processes for triage, forensics, remediation, and containment.

With an end-to-end automated phishing playbook, Agari streamlines response times and removes malicious emails from inboxes, containing breaches in minutes rather than months.

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Other Email Environments

Agari works within cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments.


Microsoft Exchange paired with a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is the dominant email configuration for on-premise deployments. Agari works alongside the SEG to protect against advanced email attacks, such as executive spoofing and vendor impersonation. 


Adoption of Google Workspace (G Suite & Gmail) continues to grow especially with small and medium-sized organizations. Agari is a cost-effective way to secure your deployment to protect against the most damaging and costly advanced email attacks.


Protect Your Organization from Costly Advanced Email Attacks

Fortra Email Security can be deployed alongside Microsoft 365 to ensure your organization’s valuable information remains secure — whether it’s housed on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid version.