Secure your organization from advanced email threats

Cyber criminals continually evolve their attacks so keeping up with the latest scheme isn’t enough.

Agari uses predictive analytics to prevent cybercriminals from posing as your brand. Our solution analyze the dynamic signals from incoming messages to prevent phishing attacks from defraud individuals and businesses.

Email outperforms all other digital channels by far, but efficacy depends on keeping your brand out of the headlines for phishing schemes.

Agari can protect your brand from catastrophic declines in deliverability and open rates resulting from negative publicity surrounding phishing scams that are unfairly attached to your brand.

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When customers get targeted by a phishing attack from a hijacked brand, they stop engaging with brand emails.

With Agari businesses have seen an average 326% ROI over three years as recipients come to trust the legitimacy of their email messages, resulting in a 10% increase in conversion rates, according to Forrester.


Targeted attacks are typically plain text messages that slip past SEGs and use personal or business context from social engineering to trick recipients.

Agari blocks spear phishing, account takeover, ransomware and other attacks targeting employees, distracting them from their mission, and causing costly business disruptions.

With Agari in place, email attacks become unsuccessful. New attacks decline as fraudsters turn attention to softer targets.

Customer service receives fewer calls from distressed customers and business partners.



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