Protect Microsoft Office 365 against advanced email attacks

The Challenge

Organizations choose Microsoft Office 365 because it is easy to use and reduces management overhead. But it has security gaps that need to be addressed.

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) can stop new and existing spam attacks and detects large-scale scattershot attacks.

But cybercriminals easily evade these protections by avoiding malicious content and impersonating trusted contacts.

The Agari Solution

Unlike Office 365, Agari models good email and sender behavior as opposed to recognizing the “digital signature” of an attack.

Our solutions understand the trust relationships between sender and receiver and are ideal for stopping highly targeted attacks, zero-day attacks with no existing signatures, and business email compromise—all of which are missed by Exchange Online Protection.

The Agari Advantage

AI-Based, Machine Learning

Agari’s email security for Office 365 stops sophisticated email attacks that evade email content filters and broad quarantine rules. Our AI-based solutions analyze over 2 trillion emails annually to map communications to known identities, model good behaviors, and understand trust relationships.

Incoming email messages are analyzed in realtime to detect behavioral anomalies and tune machine learning models to stay ahead of the modern, sophisticated, identity-based email attacks such as ATO and BEC attacks.

Research: O365 Security Gaps
AI-based Model
Email Integration
Easy Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Agari offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with an off the shelf connectivity to Office 365 secure email.

Integrated attachment analysis and detection of account takeover protects your organization from the latest malware-borne threats hidden deep within attachments.

Turnkey Solution for Incident Response

Agari Incident Response™ automates Security Operations Center (SOC) work processes for employee reported phishing incidents including triage, forensics, remediation and breach containment.

Work process

Office 365 + Agari: An Unbeatable Combination

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Featured Products

Protect against costly advanced email attacks
Agari Advanced Threat Protection™

Stop sophisticated identity deception threats including business email compromise, executive spoofing, and account takeover-based attacks.

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Agari Incident Response™

Accelerate phishing incident triage, forensics, remediation, and breach containment for the Security Operations Center (SOC).

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