When we first flipped on the lights in 2009, we knew we were embarking on an endeavor that wouldn’t be achieved overnight. We wanted to be deliberate, to build a rock-solid foundation—not a quick fix—that would support an email security ecosystem. We anticipated the hefty innovation and investment needed. But we also knew that investment would ultimately yield a durable solution that would change forever the security of the Internet. DMARC is the perfect example. It took three years for us to develop and roll out. Today, it’s the bedrock of email authentication, universally.

Predictive, AI-based email security is proving to be remarkably effective at protecting against today's most advanced business email compromise (BEC) scams, phishing attacks, and other rapidly evolving email threats. But only when it's done right. 

The secure email gateway (SEG) worked for decades, no doubt. It was truly the first line of defense against email-based threats that took advantage of people and technology to enable fraud. Those of us who have dedicated our lives to improving this industry are grateful for the work of companies like Symantec and Proofpoint, which have spent years protecting people and organizations from viruses and malware spread through malicious links and attachments.

We’ve very excited to welcome Norwest Venture Partners to the Agari family!

Norwest, the newest investor in Agari, led the Series D funding for $22M we announced earlier this week. Their interest in the Agari Email Trust Platform and its unique ability to stop targeted phishing attacked shouldn’t come as a surprise. They have a long history of investing in the cybersecurity space. Their portfolio includes security leaders including FireEye, Bitglass and more.