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Over the past 6 months, 100% of Agari customer brands and more than 80% of their domains have been the target of consumer phishing or B2B phishing attacks impersonating their brand to commit fraud. While the cost of phishing attacks isn't always visible, there are very real costs to businesses in the form of email deliverability, brand value and fraud costs.

Email Threat Center

The email channel has always been the linchpin of your digital marketing operations. But a failure to use something called DMARC could obliterate your deliverability rates, your revenues—even your brand.

It's no secret to digital-savvy CMOs that old-school email is a cutting-edge marketing team's killer app.

As email marketing turns 40, more than 90% of companies report fraudsters have impersonated their brand in phishing attacks targeting their customers. Can a new standard known as BIMI be the answer?

Forty-years-old and still the center of attention, despite younger competition. It's true: Email marketing's hotter than ever. But it's also facing a growing threat from brand impersonation scams. Can a new email standard called Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) be the solution?