Federal DMARC Guide: Getting Started with DMARC

Learn how to adopt DMARC for email security to meet DHS’ binding operational directive (BOD) 18-01. Get information on Federal Government DMARC best practices to set up a “monitoring” policy in 90 days and move to “reject” in under a year.

The Federal DMARC guide is designed to provide an overview of DMARC and best practice resources to federal agencies that send and receive email using .gov domains. This guide educates organizations on…

  • The history and foundation of what DMARC is & how it works
  • How to overcome common challenges to adoption
  • Federal Government agencies who are pioneering DMARC adoption
  • The benefits of DMARC to your citizens and agency
  • A step-by-step approach to putting DMARC into practice
  • Real world examples of how other organizations leverage DMARC to provide security to citizens and employees