After reaching a DMARC enforcement policy, Agari Brand Protection™ continues to provide immense value to customers.


Authorize new third-party senders in your email ecosystem quickly and securely.

Stop cybercriminals from using look-alike domains to trick unsuspecting consumers.

Leverage threat intelligence to put an end to attacks attempting to spoof your domains.

Ensure compliance with industry and national laws by easily identifying third-party sender information.

Implement BIMI to easily gain brand impressions when consumers see your logo next to your emails.

Email is the communications channel for the top cybersecurity threats impacting customers, employees, and suppliers. By protecting the email channel with Agari, we are improving our security posture enormously— protecting our brand and helping our business build trusted relationships with our customers

– Air Canada, Manager of IT Security and Risk Management 


After implementing DMARC with a p=reject policy, the next phase of active monitoring is just as crucial to ensure your brand and customer base remains protected from abuse as cybercriminals change tactics. Agari Brand Protection remains a key component in helping monitor changes after email authentication has been implemented.

Benefits of Agari after DMARC Enforcement

Manage New Third-Party Senders
As your organization adds new senders to your environment, Agari Brand Protection visualizes these senders, along with their domains and IP addresses, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to approve them.

Gain Visibility into New Attack Vectors
Once cybercriminals can no longer use legitimate domains to spoof customers, they often turn to look-alike domains to trick unsuspecting recipients. Agari Brand Protection helps protect against abuse of look-alike domains to keep your email secure as cybercriminals try new tactics.

Email Domain Spoof Example

Leverage Threat Intelligence
When new attacks impersonate your brand, Agari Brand Protection identifies malicious URLs so you can inform your takedown vendor and put an end to the attack. Threat data from Agari is provided over open APIs so the relevant data seamlessly feeds to your SIEM.

Ensure Governance and Compliance
Companies have an obligation to comply with whichever laws their organization is subject to, which means identifying confidential data sent via email. Your organization must then determine who should have access to send and receive such information. Agari Brand Protection helps by clearly identifying senders, logos, domains, and IP addresses, enabling you to address compliance issues with each of them.

Provide Millions of Brand Impressions
Brand Indicators for Messaging Identification (BIMI) is a new standard that allows your organization to put your logo next to every email you send. Implement BIMI through Agari Brand Protection to increase customer confidence in the authenticity of your messages and magnify the reach and power of your marketing efforts.

Continue Your Security Journey

Implementing DMARC is a great first step in protecting your customers, partners, and employees from cyber attacks, but it will not prevent all email-based threats. Improve your security posture with products designed to stop advanced email threats and remediate phishing attacks by implementing the Secure Email Cloud.

Contact your Agari representative for details. 



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