The most damaging email attacks use identity deception to impersonate key executives while targeting their own employees. Agari Advanced Threat Protection prevents these messages from ever reaching employee inboxes.


Protect Your Employees

Modern and sophisticated identity-based email attacks are easily bypassing  security controls such as Secure Email Gateways, attachment sandboxing, URL rewriting, and imposter classifiers.


These technologies are predicated on a failed security paradigm of attempting to model known bad signals, whether by volume, sender identity, or content. Attackers know they can easily evade these protections by impersonating trusted individuals, partners, or brands while avoiding the use of malicious content.

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Prevent Impersonation
Prevent Impersonation

Keep your CEO and other key executives safe by preventing email impersonation by attackers.

Block Zero Day Attacks
Block Zero-Day Attacks

Stop never-seen-before attacks from exploiting security gaps within your organization.

Detect Account Takeover
Detect Account Takeovers

Discover attacks from compromised email accounts before they result in financial or information loss.

The Agari Advantage

Depending on Trusted AI

Agari Advanced Threat Protection takes a new approach to stopping email attacks, with the Agari Identity Graph at its core.


By using advanced machine learning techniques, Internet-scale telemetry of over 2 trillion emails annually, and real-time data pipelines focusing on identity, behavior, and trust, the Agari Identity Graph continuously learns to stay ahead of the threats that are designed to compromise your employees. 

Discover the Agari Identity Graph
Securing Employee Inboxes

Criminals continuously evolve their identity deception techniques, morphing from using display name deception to leveraging account takeovers. Today more attacks involve compromised accounts, where cybercriminals can easily impersonate a trusted sender and evade perimeter controls.


Agari stops the email attacks that your existing Secure Email Gateway misses. With over 100 million advanced attacks stopped, at a 99.9% Advanced Threat Catch Rate, Agari Advanced Threat Protection is the most effective and accurate advanced threat protection solution available today.

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Protecting Against Account Takeover-Based Email Attacks

The onslaught of targeted email attacks has cost organizations of all types and sizes billions of dollars. Learn how you can protect your employees and your company.

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