Continuous Detection and Response Technology

Harness the power of global shared threat intelligence to detect and stop latent cyberattacks.

Around the Clock Protection for Your Employee Inboxes

Powerful New Tools for SOC Analysts

Even with a 99.9% efficacy rate, the modern business reality is that some email attacks still reach their target or have the ability to weaponize after they hit the inbox. The more time it takes to hunt down and neutralize a threat, the more risk to an organization.

Agari Continuous Detection and Response technology changes this by connecting your SOC to a global cyber intelligence sharing network comprised of top SOC analysts and threat intelligence feeds and then gives them the tools to act fast. With a mobile application that sends push notifications every time a new threat is discovered, it’s easy to mitigate threats before they turn into data breaches.


An Always-On Approach to Remediate Post Delivery Threats

Traditional SEGs and APDs check incoming email, but they can be fooled by new impersonation techniques, dormant payloads, and URLs that weaponize post-delivery. Agari provides human-vetted threat intelligence along with the ability to forensically recognize and then remediate these attacks.

An Always-On Approach to Remediate Post Delivery Threats

Key Enabling Capabilities


The only technology on the market that travels back in time to prevent or mitigate data breaches as new threat intelligence is discovered.

Trusted Email Identity White Paper

Discover more about the Agari Identity Graph - the data science powering Continuous Detection and Response technology and all Agari solutions.