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Agari Data Connector for Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Why Integrated Email Threat Data Matters Email is a primary vector for attacks on your business today—and email threats are evolving faster than ever. But actionable data about email attacks is often inaccessible to time-strapped security operations and incident response teams. That disconnect leaves your business vulnerable and unable to mitigate hidden email threats. Improve Visibility with...

Advantages of Agari Brand Protection After DMARC Enforcement

AT A GLANCE After reaching a DMARC enforcement policy, Agari Brand Protection continues to provide immense value to customers. BENEFITS Improves customer trust by protecting your brand from being used in phishing attacks. Decreases time to reject by automating implementation. Maximizes marketing efficacy and improves email engagement with trusted communications. Reduces operational costs...

Agari Active Defense

Uncover Actionable Insights with BEC Threat Intelligence Phishing and BEC attacks represent a significant, ongoing threat to business. It’s critical to understand the strategies and tactics targeting your organization and defend against the ever-present risks, along with the potential financial liabilities that come with them. Phishing Is a Game of Cat and Mouse Cybercriminals utilize digital...

Account Takeover Attack Prevention

Organizations are more likely to be breached today than ever before, as cybercriminals shift tactics once again, using account takeovers (ATOs) to launch targeted email attacks. In fact, a recent Osterman Research survey showed that 33% of organizations were victims of an ATO-based email attack. Attackers know that trusted email is the most effective way of breaching an enterprise, as existing...