Protect Your Organization from Account Takeover Based Email Attacks

Learn more about ATO based email attacks, how they work, and why you’re vulnerable

What is an Account Takeover (ATO) based Email Attack?

Account Takeover based email attacks rely on leveraging a compromised account or endpoint as a launchpad for a targeted email attack such as Business Email Compromise. Commonly, the criminal may lay dormant, observing email communication between the original account owner and their contacts with plans to eventually hijack the conversation. By taking on the persona of the compromised user, the target has no way of knowing that a request for sensitive information or wire transfer is coming from the actual user or the attacker.

Challenges of Detecting ATO Based Email Attacks

ATO based email attacks are significantly more effective than traditional attacks. This is due to 2 distinct adversary advantages:

  • Legitimate or established email accounts do not need to leverage impersonation techniques such as domain spoofing or display name deception to bypass email security controls.
  • Previously established trust relationships between the original user and their contact make targeting and convincing the contact to give up sensitive data or release funds a significantly easier task.

Not only will these attacks easily bypass existing email security controls, but organizations are at higher risk of real dollars lost. Don’t become the next victim.

ATO Threat Taxonomy

“44% of organizations were successfully hit with a targeted email attack that was launched via an account takeover.”

-Osterman Research Survey, 2018

The Solution – Agari Enterprise Protect

Agari Enterprise Protect is used by leading Fortune 1000 companies to proactively combat Account Takeover based email attacks and protect employees from costly attacks that result in financial loss or a data breach.

Agari Enterprise Protect leverages Agari Identity IntelligenceTM, an advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning system that drives over 300 million daily model updates from data telemetry of more than two trillion emails per year. The system models email senders’ and recipients’ identity characteristics, behavioral norms, and personal, organizational, and industry-level relationships to maintain a real-time understanding of email behavioral patterns.

Agari Enterprise Protect is the next generation of Advanced Threat Protection for email, designed to detect the attacks of today and the ones we expect to see in the future.