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How to Conquer Targeted Email Threats: SANS Review of Agari Advanced Threat Protection

In this review of Agari Advanced Threat Protection™, SANS Senior Instructor Dave Shackleford explores how Agari massively scans, authenticates and passes on only good mail to recipients through sender authenticity modeling, without anti-spam running in the environment. This report includes Dave’s experience with setup, verification, policy creation, analytics, and dashboards during emulated email attacks.

Read the analyst report now to learn:

  • Trends in spear phishing, business email compromise, ransomware and consumer phishing, including why these attacks are so difficult to prevent.
  • How Agari’s cloud-based analytics, trust authenticity analysis and other techniques detected these types of attacks and took actions based on policies.
  • How Agari’s “Model of Trust Analytics” differs from traditional whitelisting and malicious content detection to make split-second decisions on inbound messages.
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