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Financial Organizations Are Targeted First

It’s no surprise that financial institutions, insurance companies, and banks are prime targets for phishing attacks. When criminals impersonate a trusted brand, they choose a bank or electronic payments service 64% of the time (Cyveillance). Although the customers are recouped for financial losses following an attack, the targeted organizations don’t have the same degree of protection. Typically, security incidents can result in data loss, financial harm, reputational damage and increased customer attrition.

Are Your Inboxes Safe?

Too many healthcare companies lack visibility into who’s sending emails in their name and are often helpless to stop them. There’s never been a more critical time to secure the your inbound and outbound email channels and ensure that spoofed messages will no longer reach customer or employee inboxes.

According to the FBI, criminals are using phishing tactics to target the healthcare sector because individuals’ personal, credit and protected health information (PHI) are accessible in one place. This means high returns on the information when it is sold. Stolen data can be used to fraudulently obtain medical services and prescriptions and to commit identity theft and other financial crimes, according to security experts.

Build Stronger Defenses Against Phishing and Email Spoofing

Billions of emails hit government inboxes every day. Hidden among legitimate messages are sophisticated phishing emails designed to defraud or compromise sensitive data.

Threats have become increasingly sophisticated and are initiated by a wide range of adversaries — from rogue hacktivists to state-sponsored cyber criminals.

The scale, sensitivity, and critical nature of the targeted data means any inbound phishing attack on an international, federal, state or local agency or government body is a threat to private and public security.