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Secure Your Organization From Evolving Threats with Agari.
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Business Email Compromise

Eliminate fake email messages from imposters posing as trusted colleagues, associates and friends to defraud your business.

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Consumer Phishing

Protect your brand from being hijacked to attack customers with deceptive emails designed to steal consumer account passwords, commit credit card fraud and identity theft.

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Spear Phishing

Prevent highly-targeted attacks by cybercriminals designed to steal passwords through malicious URLs, resulting in data breached, fraud or theft of intellectual property.

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Account Takeover

Stop cyber attacks that use compromised email accounts to launch targeted email attacks against your organization.

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Data Breach

Block hackers from using deceptive emails to penetrate otherwise secure business systems and steal confidential information.

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Avoid the disruption and financial losses that result when employees are tricked into downloading harmful malware that encrypt your files.

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Social Engineering

Outsmart organized crime rings that use social engineering to manipulate employees into divulging confidential information, wiring funds, or providing access to intellectual property.

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Solutions By Need

Agari Protects On-Premises, Cloud-Based and Hybrid Email Services
Advanced Email Security

Advanced AI-based protection against today’s most sophisticated spear phishing, BEC, and zero-day identity-based attacks

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DMARC Email Authentication

Agari provides a fully-automated DMARC solution that accelerates implementation of email authentication and enforcement. This accelerates deployment so you can protect customers, partners and employees from advanced phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks that exploit your brand for criminal purposes.

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Solutions by Industry

Agari models industry-level relationships

Financial Institutions Are Targeted First

It’s no surprise that financial institutions, insurance companies, and banks are targeted first.

Criminals impersonate banks or electronic payments service more than 60% of the time.

Financial institutions use Agari to prevent fraudsters from impersonating your brand in a phishing attack and to protect the inboxes of employees from schemes such as executive impersonation. For employee reported security incidents, Agri reduces response and resolution times by up to 95%.

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Personal health records attract premium prices on the dark web, making them a prime target for cyber thieves.

Phishing emails sent to patients, administrators and practitioners often trick people with fake log-in screens, compromising accounts and disclosing personally identifiable information (PII).

Healthcare organizations use Agari to protect email as a secure communication channel for patients, payors, and providers. When staffers report incidents, Agari automates response and remediation workflow.

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Fraudulent criminal organizations often pose as government agencies by impersonating their email communications.

Using identity deception techniques such as spoofing, cyber criminals impersonate government agency emails, targeting the public with phishing scams. This is just one reason the US Department of Homeland Security issued BOD-18-01 requiring all United State federal government .gov domains to implement DMARC.

Government agencies use Agari to prevent phishing attacks on citizens, secure government email accounts from spear phishing attacks, and reduce Security Operation Center workload associated with incident response and remediation.

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