The Challenge

Your employees receive hundreds of email messages daily from people, partners, and brands they seemingly know and trust. These messages pass through your legacy security system, but many are fake and are designed to cause a financial loss or a data breach.

The trouble is, even security experts can’t find them all. So which ones do you trust?

The Agari Solution

Agari AI-based solutions understand the human relationships, behaviors, and identities behind the email. It’s a modern approach to a modern problem, and it can’t be spoofed or evaded.

Using the power of data science at Internet speed, every incoming email gets inspected to detect and prevent the latest advanced email threats.

The Agari Advantage

Protection Against Advanced Threats

Agari Phishing Defense stops the email attacks that your existing secure email gateway and other legacy protections miss. With over 100 million advanced attacks stopped and a 99.9% catch rate, Agari Phishing Defense is the most effective and accurate solution available on the market.

By modeling good behavior rather than searching bad signals, Agari prevents business email compromise, spear phishing, and account takeover-based threats. New insider impersonation protection technology even protects against the threats that are hardest to detect—those originating from inside your organization.

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White Paper
Agari Identity Graph™: The AI Engine Powering the Secure Email Cloud
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Advanced Data Science

Equipped with innovations such as the Agari Identity Graph™ and years of expertise in modeling relationships and behaviors, each incoming email is carefully inspected in a way that no human or legacy security control can approximate.

Good emails pass through to the inbox. Suspicious communications get discarded or held in quarantine so they never reach the end user.

Because the global data set grows larger every day, the solution becomes smarter and more effective with every email—even for zero-day attacks

Cloud-Native SaaS Solution

Agari is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is compatible with cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid email environments. By working in tandem with the security controls built into your email environment, or as an added layer on top of your secure email gateway, Agari helps protect against the threats that other solutions miss.

Built-in incident response, remediation, and breach containment alleviate investigative workstreams for your team, and Continuous Detection and Response enables you to remove latent emails—even after delivery.

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Solution Brief
Agari Continuous Detection and Response
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Simulated Product Demonstration

Try this simulated product demonstration to see why companies like Honeywell, Ally Financial, and Informatica use Agari Phishing Defense™ to protect their inboxes.

Featured Products

Agari Phishing Defense™

Stop sophisticated identity deception threats including business email compromise, executive spoofing, and account takeover-based attacks.

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Agari Phishing Response™

Accelerate phishing incident triage, forensics, remediation, and breach containment for the security operations center.

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