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Forrester Proves a 326% ROI From Implementing Customer Protect

Automating the Process of DMARC Email Authentication

Agari automates phishing prevention, securing email more effectively than all other vendors combined. Unlike other vendors who lack automation features, Agari’s Easy SPFTM, Hosted SPF, and Email Cloud Intelligence enable companies to organize and secure 3rd party senders quickly and accurately without risking email deliverability.


Email Cloud Intelligence (ECI)

Email Cloud Intelligence (ECI)

Enables businesses to automatically identify and authorize legitimate email senders, protecting customers from those that are malicious.



Automates the process of building SPF records, simplifying and accelerating the implementation of DMARC.

Look-Alike Domain Defense

Look-Alike Domain Defense

Uses real time feeds to identify malicious domains impersonating your brand for remediation by your takedown vendor.

Getting to Enforcement

DMARC vendors often claim automation and ease of DMARC implementation but when you look at the actual protection ratios, the truth emerges. Agari has more domains at reject than all other vendors combined. If you’re serious about blocking phishing, don’t settle for a vendor who has most of their customers stalled at “p=none”. Only by getting to “p=Reject” will you protect your customers and your brand.



Customer Trust Turns to Dust

It takes years to build trusted relationships with your customers and your email channel takes center stage in the digital conversations with them. Cyber criminals abuse that trust, using your brand name as a disguise to trick your customers into opening their malicious emails.

Secure email from cyber criminals

Your Brand Value and Your Business Is at Risk

Even though your company had nothing to do with launching the attack, your brand reputation is at stake. Your customers expect you to protect them, and your association with the attack leads to brand damage. Fraud and support costs are driven up while your customers’ engagement decreases, ultimately leading to customer abandonment which directly impacts your company’s revenue.

See If Your Business Is Vulnerable

You May Be Losing Control of Your Email Identity

Lock out phishers

Understanding email senders that make up your organizations’ trusted online identity has never been more complex. Services like Salesforce or Marketo are sending email on your behalf. Shadow IT users are setting up authorized email servers. It’s crucial to know when unauthorized email is sent as your brand – or when legitimate email is getting blocked.

Protect your Email Channel

Full visibility and control of your email ecosystem enables you to optimize 3rd party sending relationships and enforce email governance policies.

Protect your Customers

Keeping email-based attacks out of your customers’ inboxes reduces fraud and support costs, while preserving brand value.

Protect your Business

A trusted email channel reduces the risk to your brand, increases the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and increases revenue.

“We are on track to reject 60M malicious messages in 2015 and have already been able to increase our marketing email open rates by 10%” — Fortune 1000 Healthcare Company

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Customer Protect Secure Email Features

Customer Protect helps you hit the ground running by

  • Visualizing and monitoring your trusted email identity.
  • Getting you to threat prevention faster with built-in workflows and the industry’s leading Customer Success team
  • Finding attacks on your brand, no matter what domain they originate from
  • Providing actionable threat intelligence to take down phishing sites

The Right Solution for Your Brand

Customer Protect’s modular portfolio is customized to meet the needs of your business.

Customer Protect Data Sheet

Big Data Powers Actionable Intelligence – DMARC Secure Email

Customer Protect is built on DMARC, an open standard. Agari partners with the world’s largest email providers, who support DMARC, to gather telemetry and provide protection for 70% of worldwide inboxes and 85% of US inboxes.

Big Data is only big noise without the right analytics and context to distill it into actionable insights. Leveraging Agari’s security partner ecosystem, Customer Protect uses Contextual Correlation to extend beyond DMARC and provide unique insight into threats on domains that you don’t own.

DMARC Secure email

Is Your Email Ecosystem Protected?


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