Agari Email Trust PlatformTM

Agari’s Email Trust Platform, deployed by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies, is the only solution that effectively stops phishing by identifying the true sender of emails.

Agari’s proprietary analytics engine and email telemetry network provides unparalleled visibility into over 2 trillion emails every year across 3 billion mailboxes.

This insight drives the company’s Identity IntelligenceTM machine learning engine, which uniquely enables enterprises to stop phishing attacks against their employees and customers.

Agari Enterprise Protect ™

Protects Enterprises and Employees

From Targeted Email Attacks

95% of cyber attacks and data breaches involve spear phishing. 100% of spear phishing attacks involve identity deception. Agari Enterprise Protect—the only security solution based on Identity IntelligenceTM—uniquely establishes per-message authenticity to keep your employees safe.

  • Detects targeted attacks, such as business email compromise
  • Identifies malicious messages with or without active payloads
  • Provides deep forensic visibility
  • Delivers a complete map of sender authenticity for your Enterprise

Agari Enterprise Protect – The next generation of Advanced Threat Protection for email.

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Agari Customer Protect ™

Automates the Prevention of Phishing

Against Your Brand

It takes years to build trusted relationships with customers and your email channel takes center stage in digital conversations with them. Cyber criminals abuse that trust, using your corporate identity as a disguise to trick your customers into opening malicious emails. Agari Customer Protect empowers you to create a trusted email channel.

  • Protects your customers from phishing attacks
  • Increases digital engagement through the email channel
  • Protects against Display Name Deception and Look-Alike Domains
  • Preserves your brand’s identity

Agari Customer Protect Stops Phishing by Automating DMARC Email Enforcement.

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