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Cybercriminals use your name to get your customers to open their malicious emails. Protect them—and your brand—from these types of attacks.

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It takes years to build trusted relationships with your customers, and your email channel takes center stage in the digital conversations with them. Cybercriminals abuse that trust, using your brand name as a disguise to trick your customers into opening their malicious emails.


Protect Your Customers

Even though your company has nothing to do with a cyberattack on your customers, your brand reputation is at stake. Your customers expect you to protect them, and your association with an attack leads to damage.

When an attack happens, fraud and support costs are driven up while your customer engagement decreases. An attack can have detrimental consequences, ultimately leading to customer abandonment and directly impacting your company’s revenue.

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Minimize Risk
Minimize Risk

Prevent phishing and ensure DMARC compliance to minimize the risk of cybercriminals attacking your customers.

Increase revenue
Increase Revenue

Ensure customer trust and protect the value of your brand, thereby increasing digital engagement and revenue.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Save time and effort for employees working on email channel management.

The Agari Advantage

Making DMARC Easy

Agari automates email phishing prevention, securing email more effectively than any other vendor. Unlike others who lack automation features, Agari enables companies to identify, track, and manage third-party senders quickly and accurately without risking email deliverability.

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Getting to Enforcement

Agari has more domains at reject than any other vendor. If you’re serious about blocking phishing, don’t settle for a vendor who has most of their customers stalled at “p=none”.


Only by getting to “p=reject” will you protect your customers and your brand.

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Continuously Protecting Your Customers

Once cybercriminals realize that your organization has blocked them from sending email from your domain, they will turn to other forms of attacks.

Agari helps you identity these attacks that use look-alike domains and take down phishing sites targeting your brand.

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Getting Started with DMARC

Discover why DMARC is so important for your organization and how to get started with the implementation process.

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