Agari Business Fraud Protection™ Overview
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Business corporate domains are being used to impersonate executives in two cases: inbound against your employees and outbound against vendors, and partners.

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Your organization's corporate domain is one of its most valuable assets. Left unprotected, it is easy for cybercriminals to spoof the domain and attack your customers, partners, and employees.


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Prevent Cybercriminals from Using Your Business Email Domain

Using an email address at your company, cybercriminals can send your customers fake invoices, trick them into paying, and then make off with the proceeds. In other cases, attackers will commit fraud using your company name by impersonating an executive to get access to information such as upcoming mergers or employee tax forms.

Either scenario can have a detrimental impact on your business, from diminished customer trust to huge financial losses.


Prevent Fraud Losses

Save vendors and partners from losing money by preventing invoice scams that use your company name.

Protect Your Employees

Stop domain spoofing and business email compromise attacks from targeting employees.

Reduce Operational Costs

Automate DMARC to reduce administration and management burden on your Messaging Operations team.

The Agari Advantage

DMARC Email Authentication
Make Authentication Easy

Agari Business Fraud Protection automates phishing prevention, securing email more effectively than all other vendors combined. Unlike vendors who lack automation features, Agari’s EasySPF, EasyDKIM, and Email Cloud Intelligence enable companies to organize and secure third-party senders quickly and accurately without risking email deliverability.

Learn About DMARC
Getting to Enforcement

Agari has more domains at reject than any other vendor. If you’re serious about blocking phishing from impacting your organization, ensure that your vendor can get you to “p=reject” quickly and accurately.

Only by getting to “p=reject” will you protect your employees, your partners, and your brand.

Look Up or Generate DMARC Record
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Getting Started with DMARC

No B2B organization should be without a DMARC record. Discover why it is so important and how to get started with the implementation process.


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